William Bludworth死神來了系列的角色,他在死神來了登場,由系列的製作團隊創作,並由Tony Todd飾演。

Final Destination

Alex and Clear sneak into the morgue and observes Tod's dead body. They are later caught by Bludworth. They explain about what happend to Tod, after his death. Bludworth explains that if the escape the disaster, they cheat death. He explains about Death and the list. Alex and Clear leave, as Bludworth tells them to see them soon.

Final Destination 2

Clear visits Bludworth again, along with Kimberly Corman and Thomas Burke. After explaining the incident in Route 23, Kimberly explains to Bludworth about how to defeat Death.

Final Destination 3

Bludworth didn't appear in Final Destination 3, his voice is heard in the Devil's Flight Roller Coaster. Including the voice of the operator of the subway at the end of the film.

Final Destination 5

Bludworth is set to appear in Final Destination 5.