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Jonathan Groves麥金萊賽車場車禍和倒塌事故的生還者,根據Nick預感,Jonathan原本應該坐了隔離的位子,並死於賽車場裡的,但是這被Nick給阻止了,因此他和其他觀眾都被列上死亡名單。Jonathan是一名牛仔,雖然他並沒有離開到賽車場,可是因為他沒有如預感中一樣坐了隔離的位子,所以沒有死在賽車場裡,而只是受了重傷被送到醫院去。不過Jonathan最終也逃不過死神的追殺,在醫院被上層的巨型浴缸塌下來壓死。


In the hospital, one of the orderlies
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left a tub running on the floor above Jonathan's and it slowly began to overflow and spill water all over the floor. The roof of Jonathan's floor began to leak water and a wounded Jonathan tried to call for help. Some of the water got on the help button and rendered it useless. Jonathan painfully got out of bed and slid his way across the floor as the room began to fill up with water. Suddenly, Nick and George showed up in an attempt to rescue Jonathan. Just as they were about to, the tub on the floor above him fell through the roof and right on top of Jonathan, crushing him to death.


  • In Nick's premonition at the speedway, Jonathan was killed when a burning car flew through the air and knocked him into a pillar.
  • While packing for a trip to Amsterdam, Nick accidentally knocks a book on the floor. The book opens to a page which has a picture of a hand sticking out of a body of water.
  • The aforementioned image causes Nick to a have a vision of a death involving a tub of water, faucets, a soaked ceiling and blood splattering on a wall.
  • The war veteran, Mr. Suby, who was going through physical therapy on the floor above Jonathan, has the same surname as the detective Kimberly Corman talked to about the pile up on Route 23 in Final Destination 2
  • Jonathan dies in the same fashion as Rinoka from the novel Final Destination: End of the Line.
  • Jonathan dies out of order; he was supposed to die before Hunt and Janet.