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Evan Lewis23號高速公路車禍的生還者,根據Kimberly預感,Evan原本應該死於高速公路上的,但是這被Kimberly給阻止了,因此他和其他人都被列上死亡名單。Evan是一名250000元獎金彩票的得主,他並沒有理會死神在追殺他們的言論,也不相信一切。不過Evan最終也逃不過死神的追殺,在自己的住所外被逃生梯刺穿眼睛死亡。

Prior to the events, he had won $250,000 in the state lottery. Lewis was spotted on Route 23 in a sports car with his rock music playing when he saw Kimberly driving and smiled, nodding his head. He continued to drive down the highway until a horrible crash occured caused by a Log truck. He desperately tried to avoid the logs, but wound up driving straight into the gas tank of the truck. Lewis didn't die instantly; he was trapped in his car with his flesh burning until a semi came and crushed his car, finally killing him.

However, this was merely a vision and never happened yet. After Kim saw the premonition, she blocked traffic (and Lewis) and stopped them from getting on the road. Lewis got out of his car to try and get Kimberly to move, but Officer Burke told him to go sit back in his car. Suddenly, the crash happened just like Kim predicted, killing 18 people. Lewis was interrogated at a police station and later went home to his apartment.

Evan is the first survivor of the pile-up to die.


Evan walks into his appartment with a stack of goods and layed them down on the floor. He opens his windows and he throws some spaghetti outside, turns on the music and looked for something else to eat in his appartment. He finds some noodles and some Surerire Snacks, and as the wind of the Grim Reaper swept into the kitchen and when he was not looking, the letter "H" fridge magnet falls into his noodles, leaving the word "EYE" on the fridge. He put the noodles in the microwave, turned on the stove to cook the snacks and checked his messages, to find it was filled with women who had known of his lottery win and wanted to hook up. At the same time, he put on his brand new solid gold watch, and checks out his ring, which after a couple of sparks, he drops the ring in the plug hole.
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He reaches in to grab the ring, but his hand soon gets stuck. The microwave continues sparking and the frying pan catches fire. He grabed hold of a towel to try and put the fire out, only to make this worse and spread the fire. As the fire spreaded, he managed to get his hand out of the hole,

and grabed the fire extinguisher to try and put out the fires. This did not work as the extinguisher runs out, and he immediatly ran for the windows. They soon shut on him, and he was forced to break out.

As he escapes, his appartment exploded and he climbs down the metal stairs. He grabed onto a ladder, which got stuck. As he forced it down, he fell and managed to do a perfect landing, only to slip up on the spaghetti. The ladder soon came down, only to stop before his head by inches. After a few seconds, it impales him in the eye.


  • The letters on Evan's refrigerator say HEYE. The H falls, spelling EYE.
  • Before the pile-up, Evan's car has a flaming phoenix on it's front.
  • While Evan is carrying his purchased items to his apartment, he accidentally steps on a doll's face. The doll had one eye.
  • Evan shouts out "JESUS!" several times during the fire and just before he dies.
  • On the day he died, his shirt read, Bill Wall Leather. This was found on the car that started the series of events in the premonition.
  • While fixing something to eat, a chilly wind brushes past his hair.
  • One of the items carried into his room is an apple "iMac"
  • In the opening credits, an exacto knife was pointing through Kimberly's eye, implicating Evan's eye.