Eugene Dix死神來了系列的角色,他在死神來了2登場,由系列的製作團隊創作,並由T.C. Carson飾演。


Eugene Dix23號高速公路車禍的生還者,他曾經在Volée航空180航班大爆炸中的生還者Lewton老師死後,被調派到亞伯拉罕山高中學校代替她的職位。不久,有名學生在Eugene以前任教的那間學校裡刺殺教師,而由於他被調派了,所以沒有在事件中被殺害。Eugene因此破壞了死神的原先計劃,更導致一眾車禍生還者的死亡次序倒轉了。根據Kimberly預感,Eugene原本應該死於高速公路上的,但是這被Kimberly給阻止了,因此他和其他人都被列上死亡名單。Eugene是一名教師,他起初並不相信死神在追殺他,直到後來Nora死在他的眼前他才相信一切。不過Eugene最終也逃不過死神的追殺,在湖景醫院大爆炸中被燒死。







After the accident, Eugene and the survivors were interrogated at a police station, where Eugene reminded the people of the Flight 180 incident. Later, he went to Officer Burke's apartment to hold a meeting about Death trying to hunt down all the survivors, where Eugene believed that everything was crazy nonsense he shouldn't believe. Eugene left his apartment and went into an elevator along with Nora, saying he controls his life. During the time, he witnessed Nora's decapitation and became suicidal, trying to kill himself with Burke's gun, even though all the bullets were blanks. Now that Eugene began to believe Death was after them, he teamed up with the survivors and tried to figure out a way to cheat Death. Originally, Eugene was supposed to die when a student came to school and stabbed a teacher, but he was transfered to another school after one of the school's teachers died.

Eugene was the sixth survivor to die.


Eugene's death

Eugen was sent to the hospital after he sustained an injury in a car accident, where Death closed the vents in his room and snapped the tube to the oxygen tanks, spreading it into the air. His bed began to roll away from the wall and the plug supporting his defibrillator began to come out of socket. Everything was fine until Clear Rivers showed up an opened his door. With the oxygen sifting in the room and the vents shut, the plug came undone and created a spark. The oxygen ignited and created an explosion, incinerating Eugene and killing Clear as well.


  • Eugene tried to kill himself via handgun, but all six bullets were duds. Clear confirmed that it wasn't his time to die.
  • It's physically impossible for oxygen to ignite, yet Death somehow manages to create a bomb out of nothing but hot air.
  • Eugene had a key chain of a pool bal with the unlucky number 13 on it


  • Eugene在Kimberly的預感中是第2個死去的人,而在現實中則是第6個死去的生還者。