Final Destination is Black Flame's novelization of the film of the same name, written by Natasha Rhodes.

Official Summary

You can't cheat Death...

When Alex and his friends board Flight 180, he has a premonition of the plane exploding minutes after take off. He panics and is removed from the plane with six other students. Moments later, in the departure lounge, they see the plane explode before their eyes. Have they escaped Death?

However, Alex soon realizes that Death doesn't like being cheated and will claim them all, one way or another. With the Grim Reaper after them, can they escape alive?

This is the novelization of the classic supernatural thriller from New Line Cinema!

Differences from the film

  • The book has a short prologue centering on Charlie Mannings, the replacement for Flight 180's scheduled pilot (who had been involved in an automobile accident and called in injured).
  • Alex's full name is revealed to be Alexander Chance Browning.
  • After ripping the old flight tag off of Alex's luggage, Mrs. Browning lifts the bag up, causing several more flight tags Alex had collected over the years to tumble out of an open pocket.