Black Flame

Final Destination 3 is Black Flame's novelization of the film of the same name, written by Christa Faust.

Official Summary

Third time lucky?

The chilling Final Destination series continues with the awesome new movie Final Destination 3. Young photographer Wendy Christensen has a gruesome vision of a disaster at an amusement park. As a result, she manages to escape from a thrill ride just before it crashes, killing her boyfriend and best friend.

But the nightmare is far from over. To her dismay, she discovers the photographs she took before the accident foretell the deaths of others who escaped the disaster. Now Death wants to reclaim each victim in the order they were meant to die.

Death is back and you better pray you're not on his list...

Differences from the film

  • The opening scene has Wendy confessing to Jason in front of their school that she wants to give him her virginity after the fair. Wendy planned on losing her virginity to Jason just before breaking it off with him, because she felt their two different lives were going to very different places. She later concedes this it was mistaken thinking of her part. She then meets Carrie for the first time, changing the part in the movie where they were "best friends".
  • The novelization ends differently than the film, with the entire Train 081 sequence being cut.
  • Frankie's death is different than in the film.
  • Wendy, Julie, Kevin, Laura and Sean all survive at the end.