Zack Halloran is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. President of his own construction organization Zack, after stopping by a civic center in the heart of Los Angeles for an appointment about his current construction job, gets into a car accident with a talent agent named Al Kinsey. After their respective vehicles are towed Zack and Al head to the Metroline subway, but are stopped, along with several others, from getting aboard the subway by Patricia Fuller, who frantically claims a bomb is going to go off in one of the subway cars (having witnessed the aftermath of the explosion in a vision). As a pair of nearby police officers rush to see what is going on the bomb Patti mentioned goes off, destroying the subway and damaging the platform. Knocked out by the explosion Zack is carried to safety by Patti and her boyfriend Will Sax. Along with the other survivors of the bombing Zack is detained and questioned by the authorities for a short while, eventually being allowed to return home to his wife and children.

Zack was the second survivor to of the South Hill Metroline accident to die.


Returning to work the day after the Metroline bombing Zack, during lunch, starts to leave the construction site to get some takeout for himself and his workers. While leaving Zack hears a pop and a startled yell from one of the workers and looks up, just as a fallen sheet of glass completely bisects him from head to crotch. Zack's remains are later shown on the news being taken away, in two separate body bags.


While riding the elevator up the building he is working on Zack feels a sudden chill just as a shadow quickly passes over him.