You may be looking for Wendy Christensen.

Wendy is a mentioned character in the novel Final Destination: Looks Could Kill. She was the cousin of Chardonnay and a chef for a catering company. After Chardonnay's mother kicked her out of her house and sent her to New York City, she spent time with her cousin Wendy so she'd have a place to stay. Wendy, unlike Chardonnay's mother, didn't care much about making her perfect or her sexual orientation, as long as she "kept it indoors and didn't scare her cats." She even persuaded Chardonnay to take Merlot's offer to become a model, which wound up starting the beginning of her successful career. After Chardonnay began to go back to doing hard drugs (after an unsuccessful attempt to impress her mother) Wendy told her to go to rehab to get herself cleaned up.


Wendy was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attack while catering brunch for a commodities company in Tower One. Ironic, considering her death was a week before Chardonnay was supposed to go to rehab, and her death pushed her into doing even more drugs.

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