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RE:FD5 Deaths[]

The spoilers I've got were from those who went to the screening, and they told me last month, so I don't really remembered the details. I can only tell you briefly, trust or not is up to you.

According to those who went to screenings, Candice died first. Some dust from the fan flew into her eye, which caused her fell off and landing in a wrong position. Then all of her bones broke.

The second one to die was Isaac, and all I remembered was he was burnt to death.

The third one was Olivia. She survived the lasik eye surgery, and tipped on one of the teddy bear's eye, then she fell out the window and died like what we saw in the 2nd trailer.

Nathan was supposed to die after Olivia, but a factory worker replaced him. And sorry, I don't remember how he died.

After the factory worker, Dennis died. He was killed when a wrench went through his eye.

Then Jim Block was shot dead by Peter, and Peter was shot dead by Sam.

At last, Sam and Molly were killed on Flight 180. Molly was sucked into something, and Sam was killed when the plane exploded. Then the plane wheels crushed into a restaurant and hit Nathan, killing him.

I heard that they had reshoot the ending, and there are 2 alternate death on DVD. So, the deaths above may not be appear in the final cut. Sroczynski 18:50, July 13, 2011 (UTC)

  • I'm sorry, I've asked them about the premonition's death, but no one replied me completely. It's clear from the trailer that Isaac was drowned in the bus, Candice fell from the bridge and landed on a boat, Olivia fell into the water and crushed by a falling car, Nathan was hit by a wire of the bridge and Dennis was covered in hot tar. Then about Peter, I'm sorry, I don't know how he died, but I know Sam was being cut in half. Lastly, Molly wasn't on the death list. She wasn't supposed to kill on the bridge, so she survived in the premonition. Sroczynski 17:27, July 14, 2011 (UTC)


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