Amit Oberoi
Portrayed By
Param Singh
First Seen
Final Destination (India)
Last Seen
Final Destination (India)
Full Name
Amit Oberoi
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
Perforated with a screwdriver
Intern Journalist
Samar Rathore - Friend

Raghav Anand - Friend (Deceased)

Vishal Gupta - Friend(Deceased)

Nikhil Sharma - (Friend) (Deceased)

Amit Oberoi was a 4th year college student of St.Andrews College and a survivor of Uttarakhhand Floods.He works as an itern journalist in Mumbai Mirror.

Amit was the second survivor to die.


Amit studied in St.Andrews College and was a classmate of Alvira Rathore.He was an itern in Mumbai Mirror and had went to Dehradun trip along with the gang.

Final Destination (India )

Amit had went to Dehradun,Uttarakhand along with the gang,where Samar has a violent premonition about the floods. He went along with Vishal and Raghav to comfort him,until the real floods happened.After the incident he went back to Mumbai.

After Neha's demise, he felt little bit sad for her and also moved on with his life as a student and itern.At night,he went with Samar,Nikita,Aditi,Raghav,Mayera,Alvira and Vishal to Hard Rock Cafe for drinks.


When Amit returned home from the pub,he went inside to change his clothes.He closed the bathroom door and because of the vibration, a plastic bottle filled with water falls on the floor,then a plank from a wooden shelf lands in a slanting manner. a football comes in front and then a screwdriver falls on the plank.

When Amit comes out,he slips on the water and kicks the ball,which lands on the plank and catapults the screwdriver in to Amit's right eye and comes out of his head and breaks his house windows.A security guard sees this and finds his dead body on the floor.


  • While Samar came back from the bar partially-intoxicated and went to sleep, a marker rolled towards his and Alvira's photo on his right eye,implying that someone's death will involve right eye. 
  • In both premontion and real life, he tripped before he died.
  • When he teased Aditi saying if she is scared of heights, Aditi replied "I swear Amit main tumhara aankh phod doongi."
  • His phone vibrated and it was moving.


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