Alvira Rathore
Portrayed By
Harshita Gaur
First Seen
Final Destination (India)
Last Seen
Final Destination (India)
Full Name
Alvira Rathore
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
College Student (2nd year)

Intern Photographer
Raghav Anand - Boyfriend (Deceased)

Samar Rathore - Brother

Nikita Kataria - Friend

Mira Rathore - Daughter

Col.Kanwal Singh Rathore - Father

"It's my fault for Raghav's death. I should have been on time to save him."

- Alvira,about Raghav's death.

Alvira Rathore is a 2nd year college student of St.Andrews College,Bandra and an intern photographer of Mumbai Mirror. She is Samar Rathore's sister and a survivor of Uttarakhand floods.

She is one of the remaining survivors of the floods because of 'New Life' , when she gave birth to her daughter Mira.


She was born in London,England and moved to Mumbai with Samar and her dad when she was a baby after their mother's death.She works as a photography intern in Mumbai Mirror and is a 2nd year college student in St.Andrews college.She was dating Raghav Anand.At the age of 13, she saw a NDTV 24x7 news broadcast about the deaths of Ashley Freund and Ashlyn Halperin due to the tanning bed malfunction.Making her avoid her orignal death where a bus accident occured when it fell inside the lake,killing few students inside it.

Final Destionation (India)

Samar was asked by his father Col.Kanwal Singh Rathore to take his sister Alvira with him for the Dehradun trip.When she went there,her brother had a violent premonition about the floods.He got everyone out including her.She went back to Mumbai with him and decided to start her life with a new beginning and forget about the incident.

She was completely disturbed when she heard about deaths of Neha,Amit and Mayera and did not wanted to hear anything else about the disaster from Samar until she witnesses Vishal's death along with Nikita,Raghav,Aditi and Nikhil. She was devastated about Raghav's death and told Samar and Nikita about her being pregnant with Raghav's child and also learnt from Samar that 'new life' could be the way to beat death.

When Samar is called to a graveyard in Bandra, She and Nikita tried to save Aditi from her death,but she died before they could reach.When Nikita told her that Samar was next,they rushed to the graveyard and they saw that Samar was shot twice in the stomach by Nikhil.He also tried to kill Alvira and her child but Samar kills him.She later takes a badly injured Samar to the hospital.

9 months later,She,Nikita and Samar visit New York for vacations. It is also revealed that she and Samar beated death as she is with her daughter Mira.She visits Bludworth Funeral Homes to pay respects of the deceased survivors who weren't able to beat death in the past.


  • Her role in the ending is similar to Nora Carpenter and Samantha Lane as she is now a mother like them because of the New Life.She is the youngest one in the category.
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