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As you can see, I'm Ggjk. I'm a big fan of the Final Destination series and an expert when it comes to death. Most notably, I've been known for finding all the deaths on Alias Wiki and a majority of the deaths on 24 Wiki, as well as The Shield Wiki and Prison Break Wiki.

Right now, I'll focus on completing the character pages and trying to find out more on the Final Destination novels. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. But before you do ask, YES...The Final Destination was the WORST one out of the entire series.

Most recently, I and a few of my friends have become ADMINS. With that said, if you add content that I feel is unnecessary or insufficient repeatedly, I will ask you if you would consider any help in improving the pages you've done. If you continue editing/adding pages after I warn you, I may warn you again. After that point it becomes a question whether or not I ban you. After all the issues I, and other users have been going through, I have absolutely no problem blocking and/or banning you.

Have a nice day. :)

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