Final Destination 2

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The truck comes to kill Kimberly.

This truck, also known as the "Truck from Hell",  was a vehicle on the Route 23 pile-up. The truck was carrying several cars stacked on top of each other, as if hinting at the pile-up. The truck was first seen in Kimberly's dream, running over Rory's car, while continuing onward, horn blaring. It was later seen after the log truck blew up, bursting through the flames, as though it literally came out of Hell itself. Even after the truck killed Evan Lewis, it did not stop and was headed straight for Kimberly and her friends.

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The truck kills Shaina, Dano and Frankie.

In reality, the truck also appeared out nowhere and slammed into Kimberly's SUV, killing Shaina, Dano, and Frankie. Kimberly would have also been killed if not for the timely intervention of Officer Burke who grabbed her at the last second and pulled her out the way. Like the other Final Destination films, this was most likely a "servant" of Death due to its random appearances and because the only thing it does is kill. Also, no driver seems to be present, as the windows are blurred or fogged up.

Final Destination 3

In Final Destination 3 a Hice Pale Ale truck reverses up to Kevin Fischer's truck, blocking the car door, in order to kill Frankie Cheeks.

Hice Pale Ale 2

Hice Pale Ale Truck with no driver

The Final Destination

In Final Destination 4 Death sends a Truck to crash into a coffee shop so it can kill Lori, Janet, and Nick.

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The truck before it crashes and kills Janet, Lori and Nick.


  • Kevin's radio starts playing "Turn Around, Look At Me".
  • In some of the visions Nick has, a writing "It's Here" can be seen mere moments before a death occurs; he saw the same sentence written on the table he was sitting at before a truck crashed into Death by Caffeine.
  • Kimberly sees kids playing with toy cars, one of them is similar to hers and the other is a truck.
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