Train 053 is a subway train from Final Destination 3. It was supposedly responsible for Wendy Christensen's death.

After the Train 081 derailment occurred, Wendy is seen lying helplessly on a set of tracks. Looking at all the damage and casualties around her, she starts to sob and attempts to get up, but is prevented from doing so due to her leg injury. Just as death is seemingly at an end, the train appears out of no where as if it came from oblivion. Wendy screams, and it smashes into her, running her over, and killing her. As Wendy wakes up from her premonition, she attempts to cheat death once again, but her fate, along with the fate of everybody else is left unknown.



Train 053 at the set

  • The train's name wasn't shown in the movie, but according to a photo that being uploaded to a forum, the train's name was Train 053. The person who uploaded the photo also said he believed the train was a full sized prop from Final Destination 3, and the train was definitely not real.
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