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Tony White
[[Image:{{{Image}}}|Tony White|250px]]
Portrayed By
First Seen
Final Destination: Lab Thing
Last Seen
Final Destination: Lab Thing
Full Name
Tony White
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
170 cm
70 kg
Cause of Death
Hit by a van
Highschool student
Jonathan Asparagus;Friend,deceased

Mick Wart;Best Friend,deceased Dan Van;Friend,deceased

Nick VanSantel;Rival,deceased

''You saw it.'' Tony's last words.

Tony White is a main character in Final Destination:Lab Thing and is a survivor of McKinley Highschool Lab Accidents.

Tony was the eight survivor to die of the accidents.

Biography Edit

Tony was resided in McKinley,Pennsylvania and attended in McKinley Highschool.He was a bit arrogant and loud tempered. He was the best friend of Mick Wart and arch rival of Nick VanSantel. They were also good friends with Jonathan Asparagus and Dan Van.

Final Destination:Lab Thing Edit

Tony was at his Lab Class when Jonathan saw a vision about the lab will collapse and kill everyone in the class. He was very skeptical and then Tony fired from the lesson with Dan,Samantha and Oxford by Mrs. Worris.Two days later he came to Zino’s funeral,who died when a chainsaw obliterated her. He was sad about her death.

After Oxford’s death,Jonathan told about the list to Tony. Tony said he can help him anytime. He hated Death’s plans.When Hakanow saved Nick from a box that falling to him,he came to Jonathan’s house to have a barbecue party. One day later Jonathan realized the chain is not broken and Nick is still next.Tony was at the school this while.Tony helped to Jonathan and they went to Callumy Pool,where Nick was.After they arrived,Tony get out from his van with Jonathan.But they were too late and Nick died.

Death Edit

After the unsuccessful attempt to save Nick,Jonathan saw a vague of vision one more.Tony stopped in the road to listen Jonathan. Suddenly a very fast van came and hit Tony,full obliterating him.

Signs/Clues Edit

  • The van that hits Tony is very similar to his own van.
  • His death is very similar to George Lanter and Terry Chaney’s deaths.
  • Ironically Van is also Dan’s surname,and Dan died one after from Tony.
  • In the van that hits him,it was ”Hit The Road Jack” at the radio.

Trivia Edit

  • His death is very similar to Terry Chaney and George Lanter’s deaths,they all hit by speeding vehicles.
  • Ironically Tony and George supposed to die in the same order(Eight).
  • Tony died like the other eighth survivors (Nathan Sears,Julie Christensen,Janet Cunningham)to die.They all crushed with vehicle and vehicle pieces.(a plane landing gear,train wheel,truck tyre.)
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