Tony Forelli is a character in the novel Final Destination: End of the Line. He is a high-ranking member in a local mob syndicate in New York City. Tony needed an appendectomy and was sent to the hospital, where one of the nurses, Kate Shelley, examines him and sees that he's dead from an apparent gunshot wound. Tony takes this as a threat and Kate runs away, fearful of her life. Afterwards, Tony has his loyal bodyguard Tiny Tim find as much information about her as he can.


Tony is inside of a restaurant eating spaghetti and learning about the whereabouts of Kate Shelley from Tim. While eating, Tony notices a waiter hovering closely to the conversation and he bluntly asks him to give him some privacy. The waiter simply smiles, immediately before taking out a pistol and shooting Forelli in-between the eyes.


Several days before death, Tony is examined by Kate Shelley inside a hospital. As Kate looked at him, she saw a vision that there was a large hole in his forehead and Tony was lying on the bed, deceased.

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