"Tina" (real name unrevealed) is a character in the novel Final Destination: Dead Man's Hand. She is an Asian prostitute and associate of Arlen Ploog. Tina poses as a stereotypical Asian prostitute, putting on an accent because she believed that her customers preferred that they were having sex with an "exotic" girl. However, after meeting her for the first time, Arlen quickly figured out that the accent was fake, but still desired to be with her becaue he had a thing for Asians, and he always met with her at Imperial's Tower whenever he wanted to have sex with her.

After Arlen was declared "famous" for surviving the terrible Merlin's Tower accident, she and Arlen had sex multiple times at night inside the tower. As Tina began to perform fellatio, a neon sign crashed through the window, startling Arlen to the point where he clenched his knees together and hit Tina in the head. Spontaneously, Tina bit down on his penis, spitting it out on the floor of the hotel room before she ran away to avoid any trouble with the police. Arlen wound up bleeding to death before medical attention arrived.