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This is a timeline of all of the events that have occurred thus far in the Final Destination movie franchise. In chronological order, the events that happened in Final Destination 5 were the earliest, lead in to Final Destination, as both of the movies took place in 2000[1]. Final Destination 2 was the next chronological event, taking place in 2001, and Final Destination 3 was next in 2005. The events that happened in The Final Destination were the most recent, taking place in 2009.

Before 1900

  • April 14-15, 1865: U.S. President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated.[4]




  • 1986: Clear Rivers's father takes her to his waterfront cabin, per custom, and takes a picture with her there.


  • 1992: Mr. Rivers is killed by a mugger while getting cigarettes at a 7-Eleven. His widow soon remarries to a man living across the street from her and begins to neglect her stepdaughter.
  • 1997:
    • August 31: Princess Diana dies in a car accident in Paris.[8]
    • Unspecified date: Mr. Carpenter is killed in an accident. [9]
  • 1998:
    • After September 5: Clear Rivers learns how to drive.[10]
    • After September 25: Alex Browning learns how to drive.[11]
    • Unspecified date: Clear Rivers becomes emancipated and begins living alone in her father's old house.


  • Before April:
    • William Bludworth learns about Death and becomes an undertaker; he also becomes aware of at least one disaster that has survivors who are hunted by Death afterwards.[12]
    • Olivia Castle rides Devil's Flight and has a picture of herself taken in front of it.
  • April 26:
    • Molly Harper breaks up with Sam Lawton shortly before they depart for a company retreat.
    • Sam Lawton has a premonition that the North Bay Bridge will collapse, and gets his ex-girlfriend, Molly Harper, and his coworkers, Candice Hooper, Isaac Palmer, Olivia Castle, Peter Friedkin, Nathan Sears, and Dennis Lapman, off of the bridge before the disaster occurs. This unknowingly dooms everyone from Final Destination 5, 1, and 2, as their survival causes ripple effects extending to the other disasters.
    • The North Bay Bridge collapses, killing 86 people, including at least 17 Presage Paper employees.
  • April 27: Sam Lawton and the other North Bay Bridge survivors are questioned by Agent Jim Block about the collapse.[13]
  • April 28:
    • A memorial service for the victims of the North Bay Bridge collapse is held in the evening.
    • Candice Hooper dies after she snaps her spine after falling off of a set of uneven bars during gymnastics practice that night, horrifying her boyfriend Peter Friedkin.
    • Sam Lawton stops by Molly Harper's home to talk to her and they reconcile their relationship.
  • April 29:
    • Isaac Palmer is killed after a Buddha statue falls and crushes his head during an acupuncture massage session at the Ming Yun Spa.
    • Olivia Castle dies after her eye is burned during laser eye surgery and she falls out of a window and onto a car's windshield.
  • April 30:
    • Roy Carson is killed after Nathan Sears accidentally pushes him into the path of a malfunctioning lifting hook, impaling him in the head.
    • Dennis Lapman is killed after a wrench previously set down by Roy Carson falls into a spinning belt sander and flies out into his head.
    • Jim Block is killed by Peter Friedkin, who shoots him three times in the back. He is then killed by Sam Lawton, who impales him with a meat spit as he tries to kill Sam's girlfriend, Molly Harper.
  • April 29-June 22: William Bludworth is promoted from undertaker to mortician and opens his own funeral home called Bludworth Funeral Homes.[14]
  • June 14: Billy Hitchcock barely passes his driving test. The instructor tells him, "Young man, you will die at a very young age!"
  • June 21:
    • A memorial for the students killed in Flight 180 is held at Mt. Abraham High School.
    • Tod Waggner is asphxiated to death by a clothesline after falling in a bathtub. The police initially believe it to be a suicide, causing Tod's parents to turn against Alex Browning.
    • Sometime during the night, William Bludworth is called to Tod's house to retrieve his body.
  • June 22:
    • In the early afternoon, Kimberly Corman watches a news report about Tod Waggner's death at a hardware store at the mall and wonders how someone could strangle themselves in the bathtub. She avoids her death, as her mother is killed right outside by carjackers while waiting for her.
    • Alex Browning visits Clear Rivers and the two of them visit William Bludworth at night and discover he has Tod's body. They also learn about Death, its design, and how to cheat it.
  • June 23:
    • Terry Chaney is hit by a speeding bus shortly after breaking up with Carter Horton.
    • Kat Jennings, who is on the bus that kills Terry, goes home after witnessing her death and avoids dying in a gas leak at the bed and breakfast she was headed to.
    • Valerie Lewton dies after being impaled by a falling kitchen knife and is incinerated when her house explodes at night. The FBI then blames Alex Browning for her death after finding one of his footprints in her blood.
  • June 24:
    • Alex Browning pulls Carter Horton out of his car, which is stuck on a set of train tracks, and saves him from being run over by a train, causing Death to skip over him.
    • Billy Hitchcock dies after being decapitated from the jaw up by a piece of shrapnel resulting from the train crash.
    • Thomas Burke is called out to clean up Billy's remains right before getting a call that results in a shootout that takes the life of his partner.
  • June 25: Eugene Dix is transferred to Mt. Abraham High School to replace Ms. Lewton as an English teacher, thus avoiding his death when a student brings a knife into his old school the following day and stabs the person who replaced him.
  • June 25-26: Clear Rivers almost dies after being trapped in her car by live wires and gasoline fire but is saved by Alex Browning, who electrocutes himself in the process. He is revived over the next few days, and subsequently believes everyone was skipped and that the list is over.
  • December:
    • Clear Rivers, Alex Browning and Carter Horton visit Paris, where Clear notices signs that Alex is next to die, something which Carter taunts him about, causing him to walk off. Clear calls his name and he narrowly avoids being killed by a speeding bus, which causes a streetlight to fall and break the supports holding up the sign of Le Cafe Miro 81 which swings down to hit him; Carter shoves him aside and he and Alex realize that Carter is next to die just as the restaurant sign swings back and crushes him off-screen.
    • Later that night, a theater collapses, killing everyone inside it. Rory Peters, who had tickets to go there, avoids the collapse, as he decided to go back to his hotel after witnessing Carter's death while tripping on acid.
  • December 2000-March 2001:
    • Alex Browning and Clear Rivers return to New York, where Alex doesn't leave his home for 3 months.
    • Alex and Clear keep intervening for each other, cheating Death dozens of times between them. All of Alex's deaths involve explosions of household items and all of Clear's deaths also involve explosions, albeit of things you would find outside.


  • March 2001: Alex Browning is bludgeoned by a falling brick in an alley, having cheated death at least 6 times previously. Nearby merchants call an ambulance after hearing the screams of his girlfriend Clear Rivers, but the ambulance arrives way too late, as Alex was killed instantly by the falling brick.
  • March-May 2001:
    • Alex Browning's funeral is presumably held at Bludworth Funeral Homes.[16]
    • Clear Rivers commits herself to Stonybrook Institution, where she remains until the Route 23 pileup.
  • May 13:
    • Kimberly Corman has a premonition about a pileup on Route 23 and blocks the highway on-ramp with her SUV, saving Thomas Burke, Eugene Dix, Rory Peters, Kat Jennings, Nora Carpenter, Tim Carpenter, and Evan Lewis from death.
    • A pileup on Route 23 kills 18 people, including Kimberly's friends Shaina McKlank, Dano Estevez, and Frankie Whitman. Kimberly is saved by Thomas, who pulls her out of the way of an oncoming truck, allowing her to cheat Death again and sending her to the end of the list.
    • Evan Lewis's right eye is impaled by a fire escape ladder after he escapes a fire in his apartment. Sometime before the following day, William Bludworth acquires his body.
    • Alexander Chance Browning, Alex Browning and Clear Rivers' non-canonical son, is born.
  • May 14:
    • Kimberly Corman goes to Stonybrook Institution to visit Clear Rivers and ask her for help. She refuses, explaining Alex's death to her, and learns that the pattern is going backwards and that Kimberly will be the last to die. Clear, knowing that she is still on Death's list, mentally realizes that she herself would actually be last, as this would seal the rift.
    • Nora Carpenter takes her son Tim to a dentist's office for a routine checkup. Afterward, Tim is crushed by a pane of falling glass right in front of Nora, Kimberly, and Thomas Burke.
    • Clear decides to help Kimberly and leaves the mental hospital. She, Kimberly and Thomas all visit William Bludworth and, as Clear reveals the information that he told her last time she met him, Kimberly and Thomas notice that he has Evan Lewis's body. Bludworth tells them that "only new life can defeat death", states Kimberly's name, and predicts the death of Clear by telling her that she has "such a fire in her" and that people are "most alive right before they die".
    • At a meeting with the other Route 23 survivors at Thomas's apartment, Clear is nearly impaled by a canoe which swings down and crashes through a window. She states that she "should have seen that coming" and it is reaffirmed that she is still on Death's list.
    • After leaving Thomas's apartment, Nora is decapitated by an elevator despite the efforts of Clear, Eugene Dix, and Kat Jennings to try and save her.
    • Eugene attempts to commit suicide with Thomas's revolver and fails when all six bullets misfire.
  • May 15:
    • Kimberly Corman and the remaining survivors all realize they've cheated Death before due to the deaths of the Flight 180 survivors getting in the way of their original deaths. They also realize that if the seven survivors of Flight 180 hadn't left the plane, then the five of them would already be dead.
    • Isabella Hudson goes into labor and is escorted from the police station, where she is in protective custody. While being driven to the hospital, her van nearly collides with Kat's car, causing it to go off of the road and crash at the Gibbons farm. Eugene receives a pierced lung in the accident and is sent to the same hospital Isabella is going to.
    • Rory Peters saves Brian Gibbons from being run over by a news van, unknowingly placing him on Death's list.
    • Kat Jennings is killed when a firefighter rams a hydraulic cutter into her car, accidentally setting off the airbag, which impales her head on a piece of broken pipe. A lit cigarette that she had been holding falls to the ground and rolls into another pipe which has gas in it, igniting it and causing a nearby news van to explode.
    • Rory Peters is trisected by a barbed wire fence that is sent flying by the news van explosion as Kimberly, Clear Rivers, and Thomas Burke watch on in horror.
    • Isabella Hudson gave birth to her son. Shortly after, Kimberly has a premonition that reveals that Isabella was not meant to die in the first place and that they are still in danger.
    • Eugene Dix and Clear Rivers are killed by an oxygen explosion unintentionally caused by Clear herself. Thomas and Kimberly narrowly avoid being hit by a shelf that is sent flying in their direction by the explosion.
    • Kimberly steals an ambulance and drives into a nearby lake to sacrifice herself. She drowns but is saved by Thomas and revived in the hospital by Dr. Ellen Kalarjian.
  • June 13: Isabella Hudson possibly undergoes an unspecified medical procedure.
  • September 2003-June 2005: Kimberly Corman and Thomas Burke lose contact with each other. Kimberly drops out of college to pursue "other interests" and Thomas is demoted to a desk job.
  • September 11: Al-Qaeda terrorists fly airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon during the 9/11 attacks, killing thousands of people.


  • April 10: An infamous disaster called the Lakeview fire occurs, presumably killing many people.
  • After August 2003: Brian Gibbons is killed by an exploding barbecue grill at his house during a picnic with his parents, Thomas Burke, and Kimberly and Michael Corman.[17]
  • After April 10: Officer Craig Perry and his one-time friend Pam Smith are killed in an accident at Jared's Hardware in Lakeview, NJ, with Pam dying instantly and Craig being pronounced dead at a hospital. This occurred three years after the death of Brian Gibbons, a survivor of the Lakeview fire.[18]


  • May:
    • Wendy Christensen has a premonition that the roller coaster which she and her friends are riding would derail. She saves Kevin Fischer, Ian McKinley, Erin Ulmer, Lewis Romero, Ashley Freund, Ashlyn Halperin, Frankie Cheeks, Perry Malinowski, and her sister Julie, who had, unbeknownst to her, snuck onto the ride.
    • The Devil's Flight roller coaster derails, causing the deaths of Jason Wise, Carrie Dreyer, and five others.
  • Saturday, May/June: A memorial for the casualties of Devil's Flight is held at McKinley High School.
  • June:
    • Ashlyn Halperin and Ashley Freund die when they are trapped and incinerated in their tanning beds.
    • Unspecified date:
      • Ashlyn and Ashley's funeral is held, with several survivors of Devil's Flight in attendance.
      • Frankie Cheeks is killed after a truck crashes into Kevin's vehicle, causing the engine motor to blow out and slice the back of his head
    • Lewis Romero is killed when two falling gym weights fall off of a Bowflex machine and crush his head.
    • Ian McKinley is almost killed by falling planks of wood at the Build It hardware store, but is saved by Wendy.
    • Erin Ulmer is killed after falling backward into a nail gun, which shoots nails into her skull and hand.
  • June 4:
    • Julie Christensen is saved from being impaled by a harrow at the McKinley Tri-Centennial.
    • Perry Malinowski is killed by a flagpole, which is launched by a horse and impales her through the chest.
    • Kevin Fischer is almost killed by an exploding grill but is pulled back at the last moment by Wendy.
    • Ian McKinley confronts Wendy about Erin's death, claiming that she will die and he won't. He is crushed by a falling cherry picker in front of Wendy, Julie, and Kevin.
  • November:
    • Train 081 derails, possibly killing Wendy, Kevin, Julie, Sean, Laura and numerous other people on the train.


  • Before 2009: George Lanter's wife and daughter are killed in a drunk-driving accident caused by him years prior to the events of The Final Destination.
  • January 6:
    • Nick O'Bannon has a premonition about a deadly crash at McKinley Speedway and creates a scene while escaping, leading Lori Milligan, Janet Cunningham, George Lanter, Hunt Wynorski, Andy Kewzer, Samantha Lane, Carter Daniels, and Nadia Monroy to follow him out.
    • The crash at McKinley Speedway occurs as predicted, killing at least 53 people, including Cynthia Daniels and Nadia Monroy, who is the first survivor on Death's list to die.
  • January 7:
    • A memorial for the victims of the McKinley Speedway crash is held at night.
    • Carter Daniels is killed after being set on fire and blown apart by his tow truck.
  • January 8:
    • Carter Daniels's death is reported on TV.
    • Samantha Lane is killed when a rock launched from a riding lawnmower goes through her eye and out the back of her head.
    • Samantha Lane's death is reported in an online article.[19]
    • Several other disasters occur on or prior to this date, including a downtown building collapse that kills 14 people, a bus crash on Highway 180 that kills 32, a boat capsizing that kills 4, a Ferris wheel disaster that claims 9 lives, and an additional accident in a gulf that kills 18, as well as an electrical fire that destroys an office space.
  • January 8-9:
    • Nick O'Bannon and Lori Milligan visit McKinley Speedway at night.
  • January 9:
    • Andy Kewzer is killed after being blown backwards by a flying CO2 tank and diced by the fence outside his auto repair shop.
    • Janet Cunningham is almost killed in a malfunctioning car wash until Lori Milligan and George Lanter save her.
    • Hunt Wynorski is killed after being disemboweled by a pool drain.
    • George Lanter tries to kill himself in many different ways, including hanging himself, but is unsuccessful.
  • January 13:
    • Nick O'Bannon has a premonition which causes him to realize that another spectator named Jonathan Groves was rescued after the crash and that he is also on Death's list.
    • Jonathan Groves is killed after he is crushed by an overflowing bathtub that falls through the ceiling from the hospital floor above him.
    • George Lanter is killed by a speeding ambulance outside the hospital where Jonathan died.
    • Nick has another premonition that an explosion at Tagert Theatres will cause the deaths of Janet, Lori, and several others at the Springfield Centre Mall. He goes to the mall and puts out the fire that is supposed to cause the explosion, saving many people.
  • January 27:
    • Nick O'Bannon, Lori Milligan, and Janet Cunningham go to a café to celebrate their survival.
    • Nick realizes that the premonition that led him to the mall fire was a feint made so that Death could get them where he wanted them to be. Immediately afterward, a truck swerves through the café window, killing him, Lori, and Janet.


  1. There is a notable discrepancy in the fact that the events of Final Destination were explicitly shown to have taken place in 1999 but gets changed to 2000 in later sequels. For continuity purposes, this page uses the latter timeline.
  2. The McKinley Tri-Centennial occurred in June 2005.
  3. Logo shown on the side of a delivery truck.
  4. Seen in a photograph in Final Destination 3.
  5. When Kimberly looks up Clear Rivers online, it states that she is 19, which means that she must have been born between September 1981 and May 1982.
  6. Alex's passport lists this date.
  7. Kimberly says to Clear that "the next one died. A fifteen year old kid"; Tim dies on May 14, 2001, so must have been born before May 14, 1986.
  8. Her death is mentioned in Final Destination 3.
  9. Nora says that her husband died in an accident 4 years prior to the events of Final Destination 2.
  10. She gets in a car to try and escape Death, so we know she can drive.
  11. Alex was born in 1982 and the minimum driving age in New York is 16, which means that the earliest time he would've been able to obtain a driver's license was after his 16th birthday.
  12. He says "I've seen this before." when talking to Sam Lawton about the North Bay Bridge collapse.
  13. Due to the fact that the characters wore different clothes on this day, and photos of the collapsed bridge hanging in the police station, it can be assumed that it's not the day the bridge collapsed, but rather the day after the disaster happened.
  14. William is an undertaker in Final Destination 5 and a mortician with his own funeral home in Final Destination, so he must have been promoted off-screen.
  15. There is a notable discrepancy in the franchise, as the original Final Destination movie is purported to have taken place in 1999, while the sequels all move the timeline forward to 2000. This is most likely a retcon or a mistake on the producers' part, though other explanations also exist.
  16. William Bludworth ends up with the bodies of Tod Waggner and Evan Lewis, so we can assume that he obtained Alex's body too.
  17. Kimberly Corman says that she "had a good summer", implying that summer has already ended.
  18. There is a major discrepancy in that Brian Gibbons is claimed to have been a survivor of a disaster called the Lakeview fire, even though he is explicitly shown to have died after Rory Peters intervened in his planned death after a car crash involving the survivors of the Route 23 pileup. This is most likely a mistake by the prop designers, though another explanation is that Brian was on Death's list all along, and that his near-miss on the Gibbons farm was an attempt by Death to kill him. It's also possible that the two are separate, and the Brian that survived the Lakeview fire is another person entirely.
  19. There is a discrepancy in the fact that the printout of the article about Samantha's death is dated 1/08, but later printout about signs of death and the deaths of Pam Smith and Craig Perry is dated 4/09/2009. This is most likely a mistake on the prop designer's part, but for the purposes of this article, the date of Samantha Lane's death is January 8, 2009.