The timeline is one of the important themes in the Final Destination series. In chronological order, the events that happened in Final Destination 5 were the earliest, lead in to Final Destination, as both of the movies took place in 2000. Final Destination 2 was the next chronological event, and it took place in 2001; Final Destination 3 was next and it took place in 2005. The events that happened in The Final Destination were the most recent (and currently the last), and took place in 2009.

June 1705[1]

  • McKinley, Pennsylvania was founded.

Sometime in 1856

April 14 1865

  • Assassination of Abraham Lincoln[3]

Thursday, 22 March 1951

Sunday, 31 October 1954

Sometime in 1956

Sometime in 1959

Tuesday, 24 May 1960

Thursday, 3 January 1963

Sometime around 1965

Thursday, 3 March 1966

Sometime in 1970

Wednesday, 28 January 1970

Monday, 15 June 1970

Wednesday, 30 September 1970

Sometime around 1971

Friday, 23 April 1971

Sunday, 25 April 1971

Tuesday, 17 August 1971

Wednesday, 10 January 1973

Sunday, 12 May 1974

Sometime in 1975

Sometime in 1976

Tuesday, 8 June 1976

Sometime in 1977

Monday, 21 February 1977

Sunday, 29 January 1978

Saturday, 20 May 1978

Thursday, 1 March 1979

Thursday, 9 June 1980

Sunday, 10 August 1980

Between Sunday, 5 September 1981 and May 13 1982[4]

Thursday, 11 March 1982

Friday, 14 May 1982

Monday, 18 October 1982

Saturday, 25 September 1982[5]

Wednesday, 20 October 1982

Thursday, 19 May 1983

Saturday, 17 March 1984

Thursday, 3 January 1985

Thursday, 29 August 1985[6]

Tuesday, 3 September 1985

Monday, 19 May 1986

Monday, 28 July 1986

Sometime in 1987

Sunday, 28 June 1987

Friday, 23 October 1987

Sunday, 22 November 1987

Sometime in 1988

Tuesday, 26 January 1988

Tuesday, 12 April 1988

Wednesday, 27 April 1988

Sunday, 3 July 1988

Friday, 23 September 1988

Wednesday, 28 September 1988

Sunday, 27 November 1988

Sometime before 1992

Sometime in 1997

31 August 1997

  • Princess Diana dies in a car accident in Paris[8]

Sometime between 25 September 1998 and Saturday, 13 May 2000[9]

Sometime Before April 2000[10]

  • William Bludworth learns information about Death and becomes an undertaker; he also witnesses at least one accident that has survivors who are hunted by Death.[11]
  • Olivia Castle rides Devil's Flight as she has a picture of herself in front of it.

Wednesday, 26 April 2000[12]

Thursday, 27 April 2000[13]

Friday, 28 April 2000

  • The memorial service of the North Bay Bridge casualties was held in the evening.
  • Candice dies after she snaps her spine during her gymnastic practice for a tournament at night.

Saturday, 29 April 2000

  • Isaac Palmer is killed after a Buddha statue falls down and crushed his head during a acupuncture massage session at the Ming Yun Spa. Then later Olivia goes for a laser eye treatment and gets killed when she accidentally falls off the building and smashed onto a car's windshield.

Sunday, 30 April 2000

Sometime between Sunday, 30 April 2000 and Saturday, 13 May 2000[14]

  • William Bludworth is promoted from Undertaker to Mortician and opens his own funeral home called Bludworth Funeral Homes.

Sometime before Saturday, 13 May 2000

Saturday, 13 May 2000

14 June 2000

  • Billy barely passes his driving test. The instructor tells him, "Young man, you will die at a very young age!".

Wednesday, 21 June 2000

  • A memorial for the casualties of Flight 180 is held at Mount Abraham High School.
  • Tod Waggner was strangled to death in an accident. The police arrive and think at first that it's a suicide and Tod and George's parents, Jerry and Linda Waggner turn against Alex Browning.
  • Sometime, during the night, William Bludworth is called to Tod's house to retrieve his body.

Thursday, 22 June 2000

  • In the early afternoon, Kimberly Corman, confused at how someone could strangle themselves in the bathtub, watches the news report about Tod on television and avoids her death, because she stopped to watch it at a hardware store in the mall, and her mother is killed right outside by carjackers while waiting for her. She later realises that they should have both died that day.

Friday, 23 June 2000

  • Terry Chaney got hit by a speeding bus at daytime. Kat Jennings is on this bus, and, disgusted, goes home and avoids her original death in a gas leak at the bed and breakfast she was heading to.
  • Ms. Valerie Lewton died after accidentally being stabbed by a kitchen knife, and incinerated when her house exploded at night. The FBI then blame Alex Browning for her death as they find one of his footprints in her blood. Because of her death, Eugene Dix is transferred to Mount Abraham High School and replaces her as an English Teacher, thus avoiding his original death the following day when a student brings a knife into school and stabs the person who replaced him at his old school.

Sunday, 25 June 2000

  • Alex pulls Carter out of the car, which is stuck on some train tracks, and saves him from being run over by a train, thus skipping Carter on the list.
  • Billy Hitchcock died after being decapitated by a dislodge piece of car wreckage from Carter's car at night. Officer Thomas Burke is called out to clean up his remains and avoids his original death in a shootout which kills his partner; the call was just early enough to allow him to escape his original death.

Monday, June 26, 2000

  • Clear's car almost explodes due to Death's manipulation of some live wires, but Alex saves her, electrocuting himself in the process. He is revived over the next few days, and subsequently believes everyone was skipped and that the list is over.

December 2000

  • Clear, Alex and Carter do eventually get to Paris where Clear notices signs that Alex is next to die, something which Carter taunts him about, causing him to walk off. Clear calls his name and he narrowly avoids being killed by a speeding bus, which causes a spear to fly into the air and break the supports holding up the sign of Le Cafe Miro 81 which swings down to hit him; Carter shoves him aside and He and Alex realizes that He is next to die just as the restaurant sign swings back strikes him in the back. Rory Peters, who was due to go to a theater that night, goes back to his hotel, disgusted by the scene. That night, the theater collapses and he survives his original death. After Carter's Death, Alex and Clear went back home to New York, and Alex didn't leave home for 3 months.

Between December 2000 and March 2001

  • Alex and Clear keep intervening for each other and cheat Death "a dozen times" between them; all of Alex's escaped deaths involve explosions of household items as he has still not left the house and all of Clear's escaped death also involve explosions, though of things you would find outside. After escaping Death six times, Alex dies - on the seventh time Death targets him after Carter Horton's Death - in March 2001, after being bludgeoned by a falling brick in an alley; he was talking to Clear Rivers who screams as Alex falls flat forwards and begins to bleed; a nearby passerby calls an ambulance; the ambulance arrives way too late as Alex was killed instantly by the falling brick. His funeral was, presumably, held at Bludworth Funeral Homes and his body is presumably buried here.[16]. Very soon after this, Clear, knowing that she was next on Death's list, moved to the Stonybrooke Mental Asylum and would remain here for just over two months, until Monday, 14th May 2001.

Sunday, 13 May 2001[17]

Monday, 14 May 2001

  • Kimberly Corman went to a mental hospital to visit Clear Rivers, and asked her for help. But Clear refuses, explains Alex's death to her, learns that the pattern is going backwards and that Kimberly will be the last to die. Clear, knowing that she is still on Death's list, mentally realises that she, herself, would actually be last, as this would seal the rift.
  • Nora Carpenter took her son Tim Carpenter to a dentist's office for a routine check-up. After that, Tim was crushed by a falling glass pane and killed, right in front of Nora, Kimberly and Thomas.
  • Now knowing that innocent people will die if she remains in the Stonybrooke Mental Asylum, Clear decides to help Kimberly, so she leaves the mental hospital; together Clear, Kimberly and Thomas all visit William Bludworth and, as Clear reveals the information that he told her last time she met him, Kimberly and Thomas notice that he has Evan's body. William Bludworth tells them that "only new life can defeat death", states Kimberly's name and predicts the death of Clear by telling her that she has "such a fire in her" and that people are "most alive right before they die.".
  • Later that night, Kimberly, Clear, Eugene, Rory, Kat and Nora were staying at Thomas's house for safe. But Nora leaves, and is decapitated by the elevator afterward. As well as this, Clear is nearly impaled by a canoe which swings down, crashes through a window and makes an electric box explode; she states that she "should have seen [that] coming" and it is reaffirmed that she is still on Death's list.

Tuesday, 15 May 2001

  • Kat, Rory, Eugene, Thomas and Kimberly all reveal they've cheated Death before and realize that it was due to the deaths of the Flight 180 survivors getting in the way of their original deaths. They also realize that if the seven survivors of Flight 180 hadn't left the plane, then the five of them would actually already be dead.
  • Isabella Hudson goes into labor and is escorted from the Police Station - where Thomas has her in protective custody - to The Lakeview Hospital; on the way, her van, driven by the Policeman who is escorting her to the hospital, nearly collides with Kat's car, and it serves off of the road; Eugene Dix, who received a pierced lung in the accident at the Gibbons farm, was sent to the Lakeview Hospital after the accident; thanks to Rory, Brian Gibbons is saved from being run over by an news van and is unknowingly placed onto Death's list.
  • Kat is killed when a dislodged pipe impales her through the head when a firefighter, who is trying to get her free, accidentally sets off the airbag in her car. The cigarette, which she had lit after scolding the rescue worker for making so much noise, falls to the ground and rolls to another pipe which has gas in it. It bursts into flames, which reach the van, causing it to explode and send a barbed wife fence - which should have killed Thomas though he fell to the floor and avoided it - at Rory, who decided to stop doing drugs; it trisects him, also cutting off his left arm, while Kimberly, Clear, and Thomas watch on in horror.
  • Isabella Hudson gave birth to her son and no longer remembers who Kimberly and Thomas are. A few minutes later, Eugene and Clear were killed in an explosion unintentionally caused by Clear inside the Lakeview Hospital and Kimberly discovers that Isabella was never meant to die in the pile-up on Route 23; she also discovers that the premonitions are about her; she makes a bold move, steals an ambulance and drives into a nearby lake to sacrifice herself. She nearly drowns but is saved by Thomas and is then revived in the hospital by Dr. Kalarjian.

Autumn 2001

Between Autumn 2001 and May/June 2005

  • Kimberly and Thomas lose contact with each other sometime after Brian dies; Kimberly drops out of college to peruse "other interests" and Thomas is demoted to a desk job.

May/June 2005

May/June 2005

Saturday, May/June 2005

May/June 2005

  • Ashlyn and Ashley s funeral was being held.
  • Frankie Cheeks is killed after a huge truck crashes into Kevin's truck, causing the motor engine to blow out and slice off the back of his head.

May/June 2005

  • Lewis Romero was killed when two falling gym weights fell off and crushed his head.
  • Ian McKinley was almost killed by a falling planks of wood but Wendy saves him just as Erin Ulmer is shot in the face by a nail gun after she stumbles backwards.

June 2005

November 2005

Wednesday, 6 January 2009

Thursday, 7 January 2009

  • A memorial for the McKinley Speedway crash was being held at night.
  • Carter Daniels was killed after being blown apart by a massive explosion from his tow truck.

Friday, 8 January 2009

  • Carter's death was reported on TV.
  • Samantha Lane was killed after a rock which thrown from a lawn mower accidentally went through her eye.

Saturday, 9 January 2009

Sunday, 10 January 2009

  • Andy Kewzer was killed after being blown backwards by a fire extinguisher - which flew at him - and was diced by the fence outside his auto repair shop.
  • Janet Cunningham almost drowned in a malfunctioning car wash, until Lori and George save her.
  • Hunt Wynorski was killed after his anus is stuck at the pool drain and his innards were violently sucked out via the pool drainage system.
  • George Lanter tried to kill himself in many different ways - one of which involved hanging himself - but unsuccessful.

Wednesday, 13 January 2009

  • Jonathan Groves was killed inside the hospital after he is crushed by an overflown bathtub which fell through the ceiling from the above floor.
  • George Lanter gets hit by a speeding ambulance outside the hospital.
  • Nick has another premonition that saves a lot of people in a mall. However, they do not die as they were meant to be saved by Nick.

 Wednesday, 27 January 2009


  1. Tricentennial was in June 2005.
  2. Seen on the back of a delivery truck
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  6. Kimberly says to Clear that "the next one died. A fifteen year old kid"; Tim dies on 14 May 2001, so must have been born before 14 May 1986 to be 15.
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  10. William Bludworth is already an undertaker and already knows about Death in Final Destination 5, which is set in April 2000.
  11. He says "I've seen this before." when talking to Sam which means he has seen Death hunt down a group of survivors at least once.
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  14. He is an Undertaker in Final Destination 5 and is a Mortician and has his own funeral home in Final Destination so must have been promoted between these two dates as the first date is when Final Destination 5, which is set before Final Destination, is set; the second date, 13 May 2000, is when Flight 180 explodes.
  15. She gets in a car to try and escape Death by driving away in Final Destination, so we know she can drive.
  16. William Bludworth ends up with the bodies of Tod Waggner and, after Alex's death, ends up with the body of Evan Lewis, so we can assume that he obtained Alex's body too
  17. When Thomas, Kimberly and Clear look up Isabella's van on the computer, her license plate says 5/13/2001, placing the pile-up on 13 May 2001
  18. Mrs. Gibbons asks Kimberly how she is and Kimberly replies that she "had a good summer"; this place Brian's death around Autumn. We can safely assume this as, if it was winter, there would be no leaves on the trees.
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