You may be looking for Tim Carpenter.

Tim a.k.a. Tiny Tim is a character in the novel Final Destination: End of the Line. He is the bodyguard of Tony Forelli and is associated with a local mob syndicate. Tim is a large, bulky man who is underminded by Tony and always thought to be stupid by his boss. After Kate Shelley tells him he's going to be shot, Tony asks Tim to find as much information from her as she can, scoping out her address. He was going to interrogate her at one point, but Danny King managed to scare him off, pretending he had a gun in his pocket. Later that night, Tony is killed (like Kate predicted) and Tim shows up back at her apartment.


Shortly after killing Brad, Tim kidnaps Kate and Danny and drags them to a warehouse and begins to beat up Danny and carve his name into his chest in order to make Kate confess how she knew Tony would be killed. Kate tells him she didn't know anything and, after receiving a phone call, Tim realized he just made a horrible mistake. Tim, deeming them unvaluable, prepares to kill Danny. Just as he's about to, Louise comes bursting through the warehouse on her motorbike. The bike slams into Tim and sends him flying backwards, where he's impaled through the chest by a meat-hook.