The Taxi Driver is a character in the novel Final Destination: End of the Line. Unnamed, the taxi driver is seemingly of Indian or Bangladeshi descent and, when Kate Shelley and her boyfriend Brad are walking to St. Stephen's Hospital, he nearly hits Kate at a crosswalk when she, lost in thought, fails to notice the light change from green to red. Annoyed, the taxi driver gives Kate the middle finger before speeding off, not realizing the lights had changed again while he was distracted by Kate.


As the cabbie drives into the junction, a semi plows into his car, flipping it over and and severely injuring him. As the wrecked cab begins leaking gas a spark created by the crash ignites it, causing the cab to burst into flames, roasting the driver.


  • After being flipped off, Kate has a vision of the taxi driver's head become engulfed in flames, shortly before he drives away.
  • Kate sees a person listening to the song "A Grisly Car Crash" by Nervous Nervos.