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What do you care? You know how many of your kind I killed in Korea?

Suby, scoffs and states to an Asian orderly.

Suby is a character in The Final Destination. He fought in the Korean War, and his experiences there left him with some anti-Asian sentiments.

The Final Destination

One afternoon, Suby is in the hospital for water therapy and, when the orderly (who is Asian) tries to make small talk, Suby merely scoffs and states "What do you care? You know how many of your kind I killed in Korea?"; when the orderly claims to be Chinese, Suby responds with "Pfft! Same difference!" Eventually, the orderly is called away by a nurse and, in his haste to go, accidentally leaves the tap of the therapy pool running.

As the tub begins overflowing and flooding the room, Suby feebly tries to call for help, but no one in the hall hears him. Eventually, the tub falls through the floor, crushing Jonathan Groves, who was in the room below. Staring down at the wrecked pool and Jonathan's dead body, Suby can only whimper in shock.


  • Mr. Suby is named after Detective Suby in Final Destination 2. This is one of the many references to previous FD movies, which were included because The Final Destination was originally intended to be the finale of the series.
    • Some fans even presume a possible family relation between them.
  • There were actually Chinese soldiers involved in the Korean War. No one is really sure if the orderly's oversight of this is a mistake by the writers, or a joke.
  • In the original script, the orderly was Japanese.