Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter Arrivals TNT 25th Anniversary KV9pssIVgA0l
Character Shaina McKlank
Date of Birth October 30, 1980
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
IMDb profile

Sarah Carter is a Canadian actress best known for her portrayal of Helena Douglas in the 2006 film DOA: Dead or Alive, in the Final Destination sequel she plays Kimberly's best friend Shaina McKlank.

Carter’s television early career included appearances in Wolf Lake, Dark Angel and Undeclared, and she was also cast in minor screen roles in Final Destination 2 and Mindstorm, where she appeared alongside Eric Roberts, Michael Ironside and Antonio Sabato Jr.

Carter first appeared as a major character in a television role in 2003 when she played Allie Bennett in Black Sash and the following year she also appeared in three episodes of Smallville, she played Alicia Baker, a teleporter, who has a romantic relationship with Clark Kent.

In 2006 Carter starred in the film DOA: Dead or Alive, playing the character Helena Douglas, a fighter who enters a martial arts contest. The following year she also starred in the film Killing Zelda Sparks as Zelda Sparks.

Carter’s later television career has included playing the character Madeline Poe, a rookie prosecutor in Shark between 2006 and 2008, appearing in all 38 episodes of the series. In 2009 she also appeared in three episodes of CSI: NY, as the character Haylen Becall, a forensic school graduate.

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