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Sam Lawton
Sam Lawton
Portrayed By
First Seen
Full Name
Samuel Lawton
Also Known As
New York
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
6′ 0″ ft
127 p
Cause of Death
Incinerated in Flight 180 explosion
Presage Paper Employee
Part-Time Chef
Molly Harper (girlfriend; deceased)
Peter Friedkin (best friend/boss; deceased)
Nathan Sears (friend and co-worker; deceased)
Sam's brother

Why are you following us...? Who are you?

Sam to William Bludworth.

Samuel "Sam" Lawton is the protagonist of Final Destination 5. He is an employee at Presage Paper and the visionary of the North Bay Bridge collapse.

Sam was the seventh survivor of the bridge collapse to die.


Sam resided in New York. He works at Presage Paper as part of the local sales division. His sales for the last quarter are very poor, which causes him to reevaluate his future with the company. He dates Molly Harper and is good friends with and the subordinate of Peter Friedkin, and Nathan Sears. He also works part time as a Chef at a French restaurant called Le Cáfe Miro 81, and has dreams of going to Paris for his apprenticeship, although he is reluctant to take the position, because he doesn't want to leave Molly behind.

Final Destination 5

Sam's premonition

Sam and his co-works are on their way to a corporate retreat when Sam has a premonition that the North Bay Bridge will collapse, killing almost everyone on it. When he panics he convinces several of his fellow employees to leave before the accident occurs as he predicted. Later on, he is interrogated by Agent Jim Block, who initially believes Sam is a terrorist.

Sam and Peter encountering William Bludworth for the first time

Some time later, he goes to the memorial service where he and Peter encounter a mysterious man who warns him that Death doesn't like to be cheated. Confused, he and Peter initially disregard this and walk away.

He returns to his daily life as an employee at Presage Paper.

Later on, Candice dies from a freak accident in a gymnasium. Sam visits Peter at the gymnasium where he spots the same man from the memorial service watching them from a distance. The following day at work, a depressed Peter invites Sam, Molly, Olivia, and Nathan to drink with him.

After Olivia leaves to go to the eye clinic, the others receive news that Isaac died during a massage treatment. They meet the same man once more, who tells him that if they want to live they must kill someone who was never meant to die on the bridge, and take their remaining lifespan. He and Molly decide to warn Olivia, suspecting she might be in danger.

They arrive at the clinic but are too late to save Olivia when she falls. Afterwards, Nathan accidentally kills his co-worker, Roy, in a warehouse accident, and takes his life. When Dennis arrives to question what happened, he is suddenly killed by a wrench launched by a belt sander.

Sam at Le Cáfe Miro 81.

Later on, Sam works at Le Cáfe Miro 81, and finally accepts the apprenticeship. After work, he asks his manager if he can reserve the restaurant for a date with Molly. Peter later shows up and talks about how he almost killed a woman by shoving her into traffic, but couldn't bring himself to do it. He then points a gun at Molly and they both flee to the restaurant's kitchen. Peter follows them and knocks out Sam and continues to pursue Molly. Fortunately, Agent Block arrives to help but is shot and killed by Peter. Peter continues to pursue Molly but is eventually stabbed in the back with a cooking skewer by Sam. Since Peter stole Block's life, and Sam killed Peter, this leads Sam to believe he was given Block's intended lifespan.


Two weeks later, Sam and Molly are boarding a plane to Paris. As they are taking their seats, Sam watches Alex Browning and Carter Horton fight and get thrown off the plane with several others.

Sam on Flight 180 explosion

When the plane takes off, Sam experience the same omens from he got on the North Bay Bridge. A flight attendant passes them, and a passenger asks what the earlier fight was about.

Sam during the Flight 180 explosion

Then, the flight attendant explains that one of the passengers had a panic attack after claiming to have had some sort of vision. As Sam realizes this, the plane's left engine explodes and rips open the side of the plane. After failing to hang on to Molly, Sam is painfully incinerated in the Flight 180 explosion.



Final Destination 5 Sam's and Molly's Death (HQ)

Witnessing the engine explode

  • The lights at Molly's house and Le Cáfe Miro 81 flicker momentarily when Sam is present. Later on, Sam sees a sign flicker on Flight 180.
  • Sam works at a restaurant chain called Le Cáfe Miro 81. About seven months later Sam dies, Carter Horton dies at the France branch location.
  • Molly reads a magazine with the Lasik advertisement on the back.
  • Sam says to Molly, "As long as we're together, that's all that matters." This was when they were talking about when his death will happen.
  • During his shift before his date with Molly, Sam gets worried about his own death and observed his surroundings in the kitchen. Two of the things he saw involved fire.
  • When Peter turns on all of the stoves inside Le Cafe Miro 81, the fire on the stoves rises uncontrollably.
  • Sam cuts himself on his finger on Flight 180 just like he did on North Bay Bridge.
  • The song Dust in the Wind is heard on the plane and on the bus on North Bay Bridge.
  • Sam sees a group of kids shouting and arguing as they leave the plane. A flight attendant states to another passenger that one of the kids had a "vision" that the plane was going to explode.
    • That same visionary was directly facing Sam and Molly, screaming "GET OFF THE PLANE!" as he was being removed.
  • In the opening credits of the film Flight 180 explodes.
  • A model plane is seen on his cubicle when him, Molly and Olivia discuss Candice's death.
  • The model plane and the cars in his cubicle, hints the following disasters in the series that sets off the events of the first four films.
  • Sam and Molly's assigned seat number is at "Seat 23". It is the number in the seat configuration where survivor Clear Rivers sit. Also, the pile-up in Final Destination 2 was on Route 23.
  • After the friends finish off a bottle of wine, Sam says "Well, this is the end. What are we toasting to?"
  • When Sam was in Molly's house, he looked at a picture of him and Molly. A nearby vase was reflecting in the glass. The reflection resembled the head of an airplane.



  • Interestingly enough, Alex's premonition death is the same as, and the cause of Sam's real-life death.
  • There's a goof during Sam's death scene. As the flames are burning the flesh off of Sam's face, the breathing masks, which can be seen blowing towards the back in the flames, are not melting, despite being made of plastic and/or rubber.
  • The music that plays during the plane crash is a reprise of the opening theme of Final Destination 5 .
  • In the script of Final Destination 5, he is described as: SAM LAWTON, handsome but unaware of it.
  • Sam has a similar role like Nick O'Bannon from The Final Destination. Both died at the end of the film with their girlfriends and died right after their girlfriends. Plus, they are both visionaries.
  • While Sam and his fellow co-workers were having drinks, there's a model plane and cars in his cubicle which hints the following disasters in the series that sets off the events of the first four films.
  • Chronologically, Sam is the first of the series' visionaries to die. On top of that he is also the oldest of the visionaries as well.
  • Sam is the only visionary to have only one premonition and no visions of omens.
  • Sam is the first survivor of the series to intentionally kill another survivor, though this was done to defend Molly.
  • Sam is the only visionary to not figure out Death's design on his own as the other visionaries were able figure out Death's design on their own.
  • Sam has a surname similar to that of Valerie Lewton, a English teacher who was a Flight 180 survivor. His own surname is actually Lawton.
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