Pete Cochrane is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. He is a journalist at Borderlands Patrol who was anxious to interrogate all of the survivors of the South Hill Metroline bombing. While peeking through his folders and records, Patti Fuller stumbled upon a magazine regarding a popular rock band called The Vipers and their lead singer, Jess Golden. Pete wrote about how Jess supposedly saw a terrible vision of the club she was performing at collapsing, and she managed to drag several survivors out and saved them from death. However, over the next series of weeks, several of the survivors (except for Jess and her drummer) died in mysterious, seemingly impossible "accidents." Pete believed that if he interviewed Patti and the other survivors, then maybe he could get a better understanding of what happened to Jess and the others.

However, due to Patti's and Will's curiosity, it only led to them finding out about several situations where people have had a premonition and narrowly avoided a disaster, only to die several weeks or months later in unnatural accidents.

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