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Oxford Horse
[[Image:{{{Image}}}|Oxford Horse|250px]]
Portrayed By
First Seen
Final Destination:Lab Thing
Last Seen
Final Destination:Lab Thing
Full Name
Oxford Horse
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
173 cm
60 kg
Cause of Death
Sucked by a ventilation
High School student, Basketball player
Samantha Daniels;Friend,deceased

Dan Van;Friend,deceased

Jonathan Asparagus;Friend,deceased
Oxford Horse is a main character in novel Final Destination:Lab Thing and is a survivor of McKinley High School Lab Accidents.

Oxford was the fifth survivor to die.

Biography Edit

Oxford resided in McKinley,Pennsylvania and attended in McKinley High School.He was snobbish and buffoon. Oxford also played for basketball team Raps with Dan and he was his best friend. He were also good friends with Samantha Daniels.

Final Destination:Lab Thing Edit

Oxford was in his Lab Class and making experiments and talking with Samantha.After Jonathan shouted that the lab will collapse and everyone will die,he laughed so much to Jonathan and began to mock at him.Seconds later he fired from the class by Mrs.Worris.Then Oxford was kind to Jonathan. He heard the accidents with the other survivors at their normal class.Later he came to Zino's funeral. Several hours after,Oxford and Dan called Jonathan to a basket match,but he was busy about Death's list.

One day after,he get together with Jonathan,Hakanow and Samantha after finishing his basket match.Jonathan told about Death is still after them,and Oxford is next.Oxford become very nervous and they drive to Hakanow's house.

Death Edit

Cause of becoming nervous,Oxford locked himself to Hakanow's basement. That was an old basement and only had a big ventilation,the remote control of ventilation and a small TV. Then Jonathan saw a vague of vision.They worked for opening the basement's door,but they couldn't.At the moment Oxford thought the remote control was for TV and pushed it's buttons. Ventilation started to working very crazy because it was very old and Oxford pushed all the buttons.Oxford tucked his arm to ventilation but it was stuck.He tried to free himself and took the remote control with his other arm.But this made everything worse and his other arm was stuck too. He shouted for help but the others still couldn't open the door. At the moment remote control crushed and ventilation sucked Oxford in it.Seconds later his organs and pieces burst and crushed to door.Jonathan,Hakanow and Samantha watched in horror.

Signs/Clues Edit

  • Jonathan saw a vague of vision about a ventilation
  • At the morning,Oxford nearly suffocated by his basketball.
  • Hakanow said''In my house,he can't die.''before his death.
  • Jonathan said ''That match could be your last match.''to Oxford.It was.
  • In real life and premonition,he died when they want to do something with electricity.

Trivia Edit

  • Oxford's death is similar to Hunt's from fourth movie. And they died in the same order(fifth.)
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