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The Mt. Abraham High School during Tod's speech on the memorial of the Flight 180 disaster.

The Mt. Abraham school's mug.

Mt. Abraham High School is a high school for grades 9-12th located in Mt. Abraham, New York and is the school of the main characters of Final Destination.

Final Destination

While attending the memorial for the casualties of Flight 180 at their school, Alex Browning notices both agent Weine and Schreck carefully observing him, and develops a relationship with fellow survivor Clear Rivers, who gives him the rose and thank him for saving her life, fellow survivor Billy Hitchcock and teacher Valerie Lewton is there also. Carter almost fights with Alex at the memorial, before he was stopped by Terry. Tod Waggner also makes a speech on the memorial.

Final Destination 2

Kimberly Corman saw a school bus of Mt. Abraham high school in Route 23.