Lonnie is a character in the novel Final Destination: Death of the Senses. A homeless inhabitant of New York City one winter night Lonnie winds up getting into a fight with his longtime friend Jack Curtis, which ends with Lonnie running off. After taking off Lonnie goes from shelter to shelter, only to find them all full. Needing somewhere to sleep Lonnie winds up spending the night in a large, discarded dog house.

Already distraught over his poverty Lonnie is driven over the edge by being forced to sleep in something that someone thought wasn't even good enough for an animal. Going to the top of a large building Lonnie contemplates jumping off, drawing the attention of the police and media. Refusing to listen to negotiators and foiling the authorities every attempt to reach him Lonnie is about to jump just as Jack (who had been brought up by the police to try and talk to him) approaches. Jack manages to calm Lonnie down and convince him not to jump, though just as Lonnie grabs Jack's hand a gust a wind from out of nowhere causes him to lose his footing and fall.

Almost impossibly Lonnie's coat becomes snagged on some phone lines, slowing his descent just enough so that the fall merely injures him. Unfortunately the phone line snapping back into place after being pulled down by Lonnie's weight causes a chain reaction which results in nearby reporter Chelsea Cox being impaled through the eyes by a fallen icicle.

As Lonnie is loaded into an ambulance he tells Jack that he was right, committing suicide would have been a big mistake. Jack, while being targeted by Death, later visits Lonnie in the hospital and, realizing he may not have long to live, makes Lonnie one of the recipients of a large sum of cash celebrity evangelist Katie Astin had given him as a gift.

Due to the part he played in Chelsea's death Lonnie was most likely an unknowing Servant of Death.