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This is a list of alternate deaths in the Final Destination Movies.

Alternative DeathsEdit

Olivia Castle : Laser destroyed two of her eyes. Then she fell on a jeep.

Final Destination 5- Olivia Castle (Alternative Death)

Final Destination 5- Olivia Castle (Alternative Death)

Isaac Palmer: Burnt to death by alcohol catching fire.

Hunt Wynorski: Electrocution of a falling electric line caused by a golf vehicle falls on a pool drain makes his blood gush through the pool filters

Lori Milligan: Crushed by a falling platform.

Janet Cunningham: Crushed by a falling platform.

Nick O'Bannon: Incinerated by car explosion.

Nadia Monroy: Throat slit by screws.

Ian McKinley: Body crushed, splattered entirely by cherry picker.

Alex Browning: Electrocuted and burned by a shock of electricity

Alex Browning: Killed by ceiling fan (2nd alternative death, off-screen)

Alex Browning: Decapitated by helicopter blade (filmed but never released)

Wendy Christensen: Ran over and splattered by train without the premonition.

Rory Peters: Gets dismembered and his jaw drops to his neck with blood coming from the corners of his mouth.

Ashlyn Halperin: Electrocuted by a malfunctioning tanning bed attempting to save Ashley.

Ashley Freund: Burned then electrocuted by a malfunctioning tanning bed alive.

Thomas Burke: Hacked to bits by wood chipper (non-canon).

Kimberly Corman: Hacked to bits by wood chipper (non-canon).

Nora Carpenter: Elevator going up and down decapitating her more brutally.

Lewis Romero: Head crushed faster and parts of his brain launched and Wendy's and Kevin's face after he says "What the fuck are you doing here, Fischer?"

Andy Kewzer: CO2 tank launched at him, pushing him hard, then falls out of him and taken guts out of him making his spinal column visible.

Erin Ulmer: Backed up to the nailgun because of dislodge pigeons.

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