The sign before the accident


The 180 Sign kills Carter.

The Le Cáfe Miro 81 sign, also known as the 180 sign, was a sign located in Paris, France of a restaurant named Le Cáfe Miro 81 in the film Final Destination. It was part of a sign (originally the sign said "Le Cáfe Miro 81") that came loose once a chain of events started by a bus knocked it out of its socket. When it swung down, it said "18 o" and aimed right for Alex Browning. Just as it was about to hit him, Carter Horton knocked him out of the way and saved him. Carter told Alex that he was next, but he responded by saying his death was just skipped. Carter began to wonder who was next, just as the sign eerily appeared out of nowhere and swung towards Carter, killing him off-screen.

It is debatable as to whether or not the sign was a Servant of Death. Seeing as how it caused the death of someone on Death's list (and because it appears out of nowhere before killing Carter) it could be a servant.

Because of this incident, Rory avoided his death in the collapse of a nearby theatre.

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