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Larry Murnau
Larry Murnau
Portrayed By
First Seen
Full Name
Larry Murnau
Also Known As
Mt. Abraham, New York.
Hair Colour
Gray and black in the top
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
Incinerated by an airplane explosion
French Teacher (Formerly)
Alex Browning-Student; Deceased
Clear Rivers-Student; Deceased
Ms. Valerie Lewton-Co-teacher; Deceased
Carter Horton-Student; Deceased
Terry Chaney-Student; Deceased
Billy Hitchcock-Student; Deceased
Tod Waggner-Student; Deceased
George Waggner-Student; Deceased
Blake Dreyer-Student; Deceased
Christa Marsh-Student; Deceased

Attention! Notre voyage commence! (Attention! Our trip is beginning!).

Mr. Murnau, while in Flight 180.

Larry Murnau is a character in the film Final Destination. He is a high school French teacher and one of the casualties aboard Flight 180.


Larry was resided in Mt. Abraham New York. He was the lead French teacher going onto the flight, along with his colleague Ms. Lewton. Larry usually shouted out various French sentences and fragments to his students, but as always, only a few (such as Clear Rivers) responded to his questions.

Final Destination

Larry handed all his students their tickets and boarded the plane with them as well. As he sat on the plane, he exclaimed "Attention! Notre voyage commence!" ("Attention! Our trip is beginning!"), causing everybody to cheer in joy. Suddenly, the plane began to malfunction and soon exploded, killing him.

However, this turned out as Alex's premonition.


After Alex and several other students are kicked off the plane, Larry gets off and tries to calm down the group. His partner Ms. Lewton tells him only one of the teachers can get back on. Although Larry offers to stay behind, Ms. Lewton tells him to go because he knows French a lot more than she does. Like Alex predicted, the plane exploded, and Larry was one of the fatalities.


  • Alex tells his mom not to rip off the tag from a previous flight because it's good luck. She rips it off anyway.
  • A man approaches Alex and tells him, "Death is not the end."
  • The departure time was the same as Alex's birthday.
  • One of the signs within the flight schedule has a broken wire.
  • In the terminal, Rocky Mountain High is playing, by John Denver, who died in a plane crash.
  • Before Alex gets on the plane, he sees a van. It's number is  666 - a number that associates with the devil.
  • Alex's clock malfunctions and it reads "180"

Final Destination 5

Larry Murnau is seen briefly in the background in the events of Final Destination 5.

Larry Murnau is seen in Final Destination 5. Along with Ms. Lewton, Billy, Carter, Terry, Tod, George and Alex that are seen being thrown off of Flight 180 when Alex predicts it will explode. The group of arguing students pass by the seats of Sam Lawton and Molly Harper, who also died with Murnau in the subsequent takeoff and explosion.


  • His last name is most likely a tribute to director F. W. Murnau, mostly known for directing Nosferatu, a german horror film from the early-1920s.