Lakeview Hospital
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Lakeview Hospital
Lakeview, New Jersey

Lakeview Hospital is a hospital were an explosion occured in Final Destination 2.

How the explosion occurred

In Eugene Dix's hospital room, the air vents closed and two oxygen tanks start leaking. Eugene's life support machine then starts to roll across the room, pulling its plug nearly out of the socket. When Clear Rivers opens the door, it knocks the plug out of the socket. The socket creates a spark. Since the room is full of oxygen, an explosion is created, incinerating Eugene, Clear, and a hospital orderly.

Death toll: 3 (a number of others)


  • The mortician told Clear that she has such a fire in her.
  • Clear previously hit a teen for smoking at a gas station.


  • Thomas Burke and Kimberly Corman was supposed to be killed in the explosion as well. When the explosion is created, a shelf flies through the hallway towards their head, and you can clearly see the direction. Thomas, however, saves themselves by crouching and pulling Kimberly down.

Known victims

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