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Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
Eviscerated by a boat propeller
College student
Katie - Girlfriend; Deceased
Carly Hagan - Friend; Unknown
Jake - Friend; Deceased
Bryan - Friend; Deceased
Matt - Friend; Deceased
Amanda; Deceased

Kris is a character in the comic Final Destination: Spring Break. He is the boyfriend of Katie and a survivor of the Hotel Grand Tzolk explosion. Kris, along with Katie, Jake, Amanda, Matt, Bryan, and Carly Hagan all plan on going to Cancún for a vacation from college. While on the plane, Carly has a premonition of the hotel they're staying in exploding and killing everyone inside, but after she wakes up Jake manages to calm her down. After arriving to the city and partying on the beach and in the lively streets, all of them go over to their hotel for the night. Carly suddenly creates a fit after noticing many of the events that took place in her vision are coming true and Kris and his friends storm outside, just as the building explodes. Except for Carly, the survivors are seemingly unfazed by the event and decide to spend time at the beach the next day.

Kris was the first survivor of the Hotel Grand Tzolk explosion to die.


After the accident, Bryan and Carly rendezvous at the beach with Jake and the rest of her friends.

Carly and her friends watch in horror as Kris is gutted by the propeller.

While there, they decide to go parasailing. As Jake is in the air, Kris and everyone else is riding in the boat. Sensing something is amiss, Carly shouts at Matt to stop the boat, but he can't because the throttle suddenly becomes stuck. Jake shouts at Kris to shut off the engine to the boat completely, where he happens to notice the message scribbled on the back of it. As he leans over to shut it down, the propeller of the engine hits a rock and sends Kris falling over. The engine shoots into the air and cartwheels right over Kris, and he is subsequently eviscerated by the motorboat propeller.


  • The plane Kris rode on to Cancún was number 1188.
  • A street sign at the beach reads 11th in one direction and 88th in another.
  • During the taxi ride to the beach, Carly doodles the logo on the motor that ultimately killed Kris.
  • While preparing to go parasailing, Carly notices a barrel with a skull and crossbones on it.
  • One of the dock workers is wearing a necklace made up of miniature skulls.
  • The waves made by the boat vaguely resemble a skull.
  • After driving in a circle, the boat leaves behind a pattern similar to the one Carly drew in the taxi in the water.
  • The number of the engine is 11.88.
  • The winch on the boat, after the rope attached to it completely unwinds, reads "El fin de la linea" ("End of the line")