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Look, I know this sounds crazy but... you guys all heard about Flight 180, right? The kid who got off the plane? It happened a year ago today? My premonition was just like his.

Kimberly, telling Thomas and the rest of the survivors about Flight 180 and Alex's vision.

Kimberly Corman is the protagonist of Final Destination 2 and the visionary who foresaw the Route 23 pileup. She is also the only visionary in the movie series to successfully cheat Death.

If the DVD bonus of Final Destination 3 is considered canon, Kimberly would have been the seventh survivor of Route 23 to die. If not, then she is one of the only two characters in the movie series to have successfully cheated Death, the other being Thomas Burke.

Kimberly's premonition on Route 23


Kimberly was born in June 9, 1982 in White Plains, New York to Michael Corman. She is very close to her father, especially after her mother's death during a carjacking at a shopping mall. Kimberly continues to blame herself for what happened since she stayed behind to watch a news feed on Tod Waggner's death, while her mother was killed.

Kimberly attended college with her friends Shaina McKlank, Dano Estevez and Frankie Whitman, and was originally going to spend her spring break with her friends in Daytona Beach, Florida. She is shown to be an irritably overprotective and interfering control freak.

Final Destination 2

Kimberly, visiting Clear Rivers.

Kimberly decides to take Route 23 for the road trip to Daytona Beach. Before entering the highway, Kimberly has an ominous premonition of a highway pile-up caused by a log truck. She rudely and cowardly parks her car on the on ramp to prevent other drivers from entering the highway. Moments later she and the other drivers watch as the pile-up occurs. To her surprise, a truck smashes into her SUV, killing her friends. Afterwards, Kimberly and other survivors are interrogated by Officer Burke at the police station. There, Kimberly explains the similarities between her vision and Alex Browning's, and expresses her fear that Death will still be after the survivors.

Kimberly after Tim's death

The survivors disregard her theory, until survivor Evan Lewis dies in his apartment later that day. Kimberly and Thomas consult the help of Clear Rivers, the only remaining survivor of Flight 180 to save the other survivors of the pile-up. Clear leads Kimberly and Thomas to mortician William Bludworth, who claims that only new life can defeat Death. Kimberly concludes that if pregnant survivor Isabella Hudson has her baby it will break Death's list and they will all be safe.

Kimberly after she "cheated" Death.

The other survivors reunite at Thomas's apartment to look after one another until Isabella has her baby. After Nora Carpenter's death, the others leave to find Isabella. Along the way their van's tire suffers a blow out and they crash onto a nearby farm. After Eugene Dix is rushed to the hospital, Kat Jennings and Rory Peters each meet their demise. Kimberly, Thomas, and Clear rush to the hospital, and Kimberly has another vision that Dr. Kalarjian will strangle Isabella. After Thomas immobilizes Dr. Kalarjian, they see Isabella give birth and believe they have cheated Death. However, after Kimberly has another vision of someone with bloody hands in a submerging van, she realizes that Isabella was not meant to die in the pile-up.

Death and Resurrection

After Eugene and Clear are incinerated in an oxygen explosion (which also nearly kills both Thomas and Kimberly by sending a trolley towards them), Kimberly decides to sacrifice herself for Thomas sake by driving an ambulance into a lake. Luckily, Thomas manages to rescue her and she is resuscitated by Dr. Kalarjian, thus granting her "New Life". Sometime later she and Thomas go to a picnic with the Gibbons family, who tells them that if it wasn't for Rory their son Brian would be dead. To everyone's surprise, Brian is dismembered by a barbecue grill explosion moments later.

Choose Their Fate Death

Five years later, Kimberly went to a hardware store to ask for directions, where she encountered Burke. As they greeted each other, an unmanned vehicle began to drive down the road until it crashed into the store, nearly killing Kimberly and Burke. They rushed outside the back door at the last minute only to come into contact with a wood chipper, Kimberly got her coat caught inside the machine and was slowly sucked in. Burke tried to save Kimberly, but in the process, he got caught in the machine as well.

The Associated Press eventually detailed the circumstances of her death in an obituary. The full text of the article, which is also accessible in the DVD version of Final Destination 3, is presented below.

Survivors of deadly crash die in bizarre accident

REPORT - Faulty woodchipper to blame

White Plains, NY (AP) - In a strange end to a long running mystery that has kept conspiracy theorists and supernaturalists occupied for years, New York police Officer Thomas Burke and Ms. Kimberly Corman - the last survivors of the infamous Route 180 Pileup - died instantly yesterday when they were pulled into a malfunctioning industrial woodchipper. Both were pronounced dead at the scene by local paramedics.

According to eyewitnesses, Ms. Corman stopped at Goldstein's Hardware on North Way for directions. She was surprised to find Mr. Burke also in the store, having stopped by to purchase a fire extinguisher. Neither had seen each other since they were witnesses at the death of Mr. Brian Gibbons, a young man associated with the Route 180 mystery.

At the same time, the brakes failed on an unmanned Camaro parked at the top of the hill, which rolled down and crashed into the front of the store. In their effort to escape, Mr. Burke and Ms. Corman ran out the back door, where a large industrial woodchipper was being serviced for a malfunctioning safety guard.

Subsequent details are unclear, but apparently Ms. Corman's coat got tangled in the woodchipper's spinning blades, and when Mr. Burke tried to save her, they both fell into the machine.

"I'll never recover from seeing what happened to those two, said a shaken Mr. Norman Goldstein, owner of the hardware store. "And I don't think I'll ever get the side of the building cleaned off."

Mr. Burke and Ms. Corman were the last survivors of the highway pileup on Route 180 five years ago. Several people were prevented from going on the highway by Ms. Corman, who allegedly experienced a premonition that the crash was about to occur. Soon after, however, each of the survivors was killed in a series of odd accidents. This fueled speculation by some that dark forces were at work to make sure they died.

While both Mr. Burke and Ms. Corman were exonerated of any involvement in the deaths, the stigma impacted them severely. Mr. Burke was reduced to a desk job in the sheriff's department while Ms. Corman dropped out of school to pursue "other interests." Their deaths might have signaled the tragic conclusion to the Routh 23 Pileup mystery, but several facts surrounding the deaths of Mr. Burke and Ms. Corman seem to ensure that it will be discussed for years to come.

The camaro that rolled into the front of the store used to be owned by Mr. Evan Lewis, one of the other survivors from the Route 180 pileup who had been killed outside his apartment. The woodchipper belonged to Mr. Roger Gibbons, who owns the farm where several of the other survivors of the Route 180 Pileup perished in a strange car accident.

He is also the father of Brian Gibbons, at whose odd death both Mr. Burke and Ms. Corman were present. Finally, the attending physician who signed the death certificate was Dr. Ellen Kalarjian, who delivered a baby whose mother was near, but not involved with, the Route 180 Pileup.

These coincidences were not lost on those close to the victims.

"This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen in twenty seven years on the force," said Sheriff Mortimer Perry, who was Burke's commanding officer. "Thomas was a good man who deserved better than what fate clearly had in store for him."

Ms. Corman's father Michael Corman released a statement which stated "My daughter lived a full life, and in death has hopefully escaped whatever it is that haunted her." Funeral services will be held at the Bludworth Funeral Home this Sunday.

The scene that reveals their deaths is only featured as an optional part of the Choose Their Fates special feature on the "Thrill Ride DVD Edition" of Final Destination 3, that allows the viewer to choose between variations of scenes playing out, which can result in a substantially different viewing experience. It was not featured in the theatrical cut of the film and is generally considered to be non-canonical, though producer Craig Perry has said that the scene 'can be canon'.

The Newspaper about an article of Kimberly and Officer Burke's accidents.

  • Kimberly avoided death thrice. She was almost hit by the Truck from Hell, but Burke intervened. She was almost hit by a trolley sent by the oxygen explosion that kills Clear and Eugene. She drove an ambulance into a lake and drowned, but she was revived.
  • At the top of the page of the newspaper, there is a heading that says "COST OF COMMUTING | B2-3" which could possibly be referencing the Route 23 pile-up.
  • When the pile-up occurs she notices the mile marker says: "NEXT 180 MILES".
  • In her room there's a diary that says: "Road Trip" but Kim's keys are blocking the T making it say: "ROAD RIP".
  • Kimberly notices a kid playing with two cars: a black 18-wheeler truck and a red mud flap truck. Ironically the kid is making them crash, referencing her premonition death and Death's first attempt at killing her.
  • When she turns on her radio, she hears the news about Flight 180 anniversary and the song "Highway To Hell". Both foreshadow the Route 23 pileup.
  • When she wakes up and looks at her TV, the man talking about Flight 180 tries to warn the viewers about becoming victims of death, which Kimberly ignored at first.



  • Kimberly's zodiac sign is Gemini.
  • Kimberly inadvertently play a part in Tim's death because had if she had not yelled "pigeons", Tim wouldn't have noticed and scared them and caused the chain reaction that leads to his death.
  • In the original Final Destination, many characters are named after black-and-white horror film stars or directors. Kimberly Corman is named for famous horror director Roger Corman.
  • Alex Browning, the protagonist and visionary of the first film was originally going to be in the sequel alongside Clear to help Kimberly, but was killed off after negotiations between actor Devon Sawa and the studio fell through. Had he appeared, this would've been the first instance in the series in which two visionaries were directly involved with each other.
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead auditioned for the role of Kimberly. She later starred in the next sequel.
  • In the script, she was originally named KIMBERLY BURROUGHS, 24.
  • A. J. Cook, who is naturally blonde, dyed her hair brown in order to differentiate from the other blonde characters (Clear, Shaina and Nora).
  • The name Kimberly was originally going to be Clear's name. The name was recycled for this character instead. 
  • Kimberly and Thomas' deaths from Choose Their Fate are based from the death of Brian Morse who was trimming birch trees in Loveland, Colorado, when his gloved hand got caught in a wood chipper. He was pulled through the machine before anyone could help him, and his body was found inside completely mutilated.
  • In a early script for Final Destination 2, Kimberly has several moments where she completely gives up and cries.
  • Kimberly is the first female protagonist in the series. She was later followed by Wendy Christensen in Final Destination 3.
  • Kimberly is one of only eight characters throughout the entire Final Destination franchise who have cheated Death using the New Life method. The others are: