"John Doe" (real name unrevealed) is a character in the novel Final Destination: Death of the Senses. A mentally unstable individual, John came to believe that the "senses" of New York City were corrupted and could only be purified by killing six high-up individuals, each one representing a different sense (sight, smell, touch, sound and taste) and using the associated body parts (eyes, nose, fingers, ears and tongue) in a ritual. Once they were all dead, the person representing the sixth sense (ESP) would become apparent, and would need to be killed as well (with their brain being the body part that would need to be harvested). Living in an abandoned warehouse and exercising in preparation of his murder spree, John wrote his odd theories down in his journal, coming to the conclusion that the murders would only work in clearing the senses of the city if they were committed when the Eye of Artemis was open (meaning when the moon was full, plus a few nights preceding and proceeding that).

One late night in winter, John waited in an alleyway between an apartment and a coffee shop, planning on ambushing his first target (reporter Chelsea Cox, who represented sight) there. While in the alleyway, John has a brief encounter with homeless man named Jack Curtis, who he scares off with his rambling.


Shortly after Jack leaves, John is spotted pacing the alleyway by Officer Amy Tom, who goes to investigate. Seeing Amy coming, John hides and ambushes her when she is looking around for him. Knocking her gun away, John prepares to kill Amy, when Jack, who had vision of Amy's death and the other murders John intended to commit, attacks him. Taken by surprise, John nevertheless manages to gain the upper hand against Jack. As John prepares to kill him, Jack manages to grab Amy's dropped gun and shoot John in the face with it.

With John dead, Death would start going after his intended victims, having them die in ways relating to the senses they represented (Chelsea was impaled through the eyes by icicles, for example). When Jack and Amy visit the morgue to check out Chelsea and John's bodies, Jack, while talking with the replacement coroner, manages to pilfer the keys to John's hideout, where he and Amy discover his journal.