Jim Block
Portrayed By
First Seen
Full Name
James Block
Also Known As
Agent Jim Block
New York
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
170 cm
61 kg
Cause of Death
Shot ~x3 times in back by Peter Friedkin
F.B.I. Agent
Sam Lawton acquaintance, suspect;deceased
Molly Harper, acquaintance; deceased

Two deaths? Okay, alright, that's a coincidence... Three? That's a pattern.

Block, questioning Sam on what's happening.

Agent James "Jim" Block is an FBI Agent in Final Destination 5. He distrusts Sam Lawton's claim of his premonition, and keeps a close eye on the surviving group.


Jim Block lives in New York. He is wise and trustworthy. He was an FBI Agent who work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and he was also the one who assigned to investigate the case of Sam and his friends, although he finds all the accidents are hard to believe.

Final Destination 5


Agent Block after the scene of Olivia's Death and questioning Sam and Molly.

Agent Block appears and interrogates the survivors after the bridge collapse. He keeps in contact with the survivors' boss, Dennis Lapman, so he can monitor any suspicious or violent behavior in them. He is present after Candice's death, raising his suspicion of Sam, believing the accidents to be premeditated. He is also seen investigating her crime scene but none of the investigators are able to explain how such an accident could happen in the first place.
Agent Block is shot to death by Peter

Agent Block is shot to death by Peter.

When Block is talking to Sam and Molly after Olivia died, Block starts to believe them about the incidents but left speechless when Sam and Molly told him that they were suppose to die in the bridge and that Death is after them.


Final Destination 5 Agent Block's Death (HQ)

Final Destination 5 Agent Block's Death (HQ)

When Peter Friedkin attempts to kill Sam Lawton and Molly Harper at Le Cafe Miro 81, he fires off shots with his gun which are heard by Agent Jim Block. He requests backup and investigates, only to be shot and killed by Peter. The characters believe Peter now has stolen the lifespan of Agent Block since Peter was not meant to be alive to kill him. That life is later passed on to Sam after Peter's death.


  • By the logic of the 'rules' of Final Destination 5, Peter's killing of Block would have in turn granted Peter, and later Sam after Sam killed Peter, Block's remaining allotted lifespan. However, Sam is later killed in the Flight 180 explosion. This raises two questions:
    1. Was Block already fated to die?
    2. Was Flight 180 always going to explode or, assuming Sam and Molly were still on Death's list, was the 'accident' set in motion specifically to kill them?
      • One possibility is that if he hadn't been killed by Peter, Jim would've possibly only lived on until the incident of Flight 180.
  • In the script of Final Destination 5, he is described as: AGENT JIM BLOCK, an easy smile but old eyes that have seen the horrors of man.
  • It could be noted that his last name is Block and he blocked someone else from being shot.
  • He is the only investigator of the whole franchise who despite not being a part of the Death's list actually died in the movie.
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