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Jack Curtis is a character in the novel Final Destination: Death of the Senses. He was a commercial bus driver up until he accidentally ran over a young woman named Terry Chaney while trying to keep up on his bus schedule. Subsequently, he lost his job and eventually became homeless. During this time, he became friends with a homeless man named Lonnie.

One night, Jack and Lonnie got in an argument over their homelessness and left on their separate ways. After encountering a mentally unstable man in an alleyway and leaves, Jack receives a premonition: a series of flashes of several murders. Then, Jack ran back to the alleyway, just in the nick of time to save a police officer named Amy Tom from the man. During the scuffle between him and the man, Jack manages to grab Amy's fallen handgun and shoots him in the head. After being arrested by Amy's partner Pete Beriev, he was taken into a police station and interrogated over the incident. After Jack was cleared from suspicion and released from the station, he tells Amy about his premonition before leaving.

On his way to a homeless shelter, Jack notices a crowd gathering outside a building, watching a leaper. While there, he accidently meets up with Amy and Pete. He suddenly realizes that the man was Lonnie. Hearing this, news reporter Chelsea Cox briefly interviews him about Lonnie. Afterwards, Jack rushes to the roof and successfully convinces Lonnie to not jump. But a sudden gust of wind causes Lonnie to fall, starting a chain reaction that kills the reporter. Luckily, Lonnie survives the fall and thanks Jack for saving him before being taken to the hospital.

Afterwards, Jack and Amy leave the scene and discuss his premonition. In hopes of finding more information about the John Doe's targets, they go to the morgue at St Vincent's Hospital. They meet the replacement mortician, William, who allows them to see the John Doe's body and offers Jack some advice, to "watch for the signs". After William leaves to go back to work, they talk to Dr Klugman, who shows them the only thing that the John Doe had on him: a key. After Jack recognizes the logo on the key and steals it, they go to a warehouse with the same logo. After using the key to open the warehouse, they investigate and find a book written by the John Doe. After finally realizing what the advice from William meant, they are able to figure out who are the targets from the vague passages inside the book and from multiple signs of those targets that Jack saw on the night of the John Doe's death.

After staying with Amy at her apartment, Jack tracks down upstart entrepreneur Dawson Donahue at his office building. After failing to convince Dawson that his life is in danger, Jack and Amy track Dawson down at his house later on. Unfortunately, they were unable to save him when he is crushed by his exploding car. After they were kept overnight at the station, Jack and Amy split up to warn the other two targets they managed to identify. After tracking down Katie Astin to her television studio, Jack manages to warn Katie and is able to save her from a series of accidents.


Jack is the sixth survivor of the John Doe Murder Spree to die.


While trying to stop Amy from bleeding to death after she was impaled by one of her own art pieces, Pete breaks into the apartment. Mistakenly thinking that Jack attacked her, Pete shoots him three times in the chest, killing him.