Jack Cohen is a character in the novel Final Destination: End of the Line. He is a 99-year-old man and a survivor of the 32nd Street train accident that occured in the story. Not much is known about Jack, except he has several family relatives (some of who have died) and is of Jewish decent. Jack was on board the train when one of the passengers, a recent high school graduate named Danny King, saw a premonition of it crashing when it abruptly stops and another train comes from behind, slamming into it and causing a tremendous explosion. Danny manages to get several of the passengers off, including Cohen, but many others are killed in the explosion and another student named Rinoka Aratsu is injured. After the accident (and Peter and Rinoka's seemingly random deaths), Louise King goes over to Jack's apartment and explains to him about Danny's theory on Death, where Jack simply tells her that he's ready to go should his time come. Later, Jack coincidentally meets up with the other survivors at a hospital and is saved yet again by Danny after a new MRI scanner nearly crushes them all to death. Afterwards, all the survivors go to a diner and agree to spend some time in the park.

Jack is the third survivor of the 32nd Street subway crash to die.


Jack is in a local park with the survivors, dancing along with Mary-Beth Bradbury. As he danced along with her, he stepped on a banana peel and fell down. When Jack rises, he is shocked to realize that a blunt corkscrew has just impaled him in the eye. Jack panics and yanks out the corkscrew, inadvertently pulling out a fragment of his brain in the process. In a sudden change of attitude, Jack quietly mutters he doesn't "want to let go" but he falls backwards and dies from the wound.


  • Jack almost died when he met up with all of the survivors at a hospital. Due to heavy rainpour, an MRI scanner falls from a crane and nearly crushes the group, but Danny guides or pushes everyone out of the way.
  • The song Jack and Mary-Beth were dancing to was "Only Fools Fall in Love."
  • Louise felt a cold chill just before Jack fell.
  • Immediately after he falls, the sun sets and the sky is menacingly dark.
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