Horace Fischer is a character in the novel Final Destination: Looks Could Kill. He is the owner of a cigarette boat called the LookSea and is the primary cause of the Coral Clipper foundering.


While sailing in Miami on his boat the LookSea, Horace sees a model on the Coral Clipper waving at him to get his attention. As he waved back to her, he noticed a manatee appear on the water and to avoid ruining his boat and killing the animal, he turns and avoids the animal. Suddenly, he looks forward and screams as he sees the yacht right in front of him and before he can move out the way, he crashes into the starboard side of the ship.

It never specified how Horace died, but he was either incinerated when the fuel line exploded, died on the impact of the crash, or drowned once the yacht sank.


  • The name of the Pier Horace is driving in is Pier 13.
  • Shiraz feels the wind go cold shortly before getting off the yacht.
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