Gilbert Collins is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. He is a reverend and the father of Juliet Collins. Devoted to religion and protective of his daughter, Gilbert forbid Juliet from going to any séances, as it was an act against God. Nevertheless, Juliet couldn't put her curious mind at rest and she snuck out of her house to go over to Mornington Crescent street to perform a séance with Madame Adrienne and several other people. While there, Juliet saw a premonition of the house exploding and incinerating everyone inside. Juliet leaves in a fuss shortly before the accident does happen. She returns home and confesses to her father that she disobeyed him and went to the séance.

After the haphazard deaths of Matthew Upton, Hector Barnes, Jane Stanley, and Andrew Caine, and the killings by Jack the Ripper, Gilbert and his wife decided that it'd be best for their daughter if she didn't leave the house for a while. However, she snuck out again and, along with Bill, began to search for Jack himself, suspecting Stewart Tubbs. However the real culprit turned out to be Bill himself, and he wound up drowning Juliet in order to keep her from revealing the truth. She was later revived and taken back home, happy to be back with her father.

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