Inspector George Abberline is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. He is an inspector with the Metropolitan police force who was desperately seeking Jack the Ripper while dealing with the haphazard deaths of the survivors of Mornington Crescent. After a fierce criticism from a newspaper editor, Abberline's boss Sir Melville McNaughten ordered him to figure out the mystery behind the deaths, as well as find Jack the Ripper himself. The Inspector was frequently seen after the murder of a prostitute or a Mornington Crescent survivor, first asking Keith Swallow how Upton was burned from the inside out. He later showed up at the docks when three Egyptologists were all swarmed by poisonous cobras because a drunken dock worker failed to mention he briefly saw the snakes slither into the sarcophagus. He also showed up with another detective after another prostitute named Catherine Eddowes was slaughtered, her kidneys cut out along with a "From Hell" note.

After Juliet Collins, the remaining Mornington Crescent survivor, was saved by Constable Wagg, he and the constable began to ask her questions about Jack the Ripper once they found his severed hand and what was left of his body. Juliet didn't reveal his name, knowing the town residents would go after the family. Abberline was okay with accepting that, since the killer was finally gone.

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