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Alexander Theodore "Alex" Browning is the protagonist of Final Destination, and the visionary of the Flight 180 explosion.

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The Springfield Centre Mall is a shopping mall located in McKinley, Pennsylvania that contains several venues, including a movie theater called Tagert Theatres. On January 13, 2009, McKinley Speedway survivor Nick O'Bannon had a premonition of a deadly gas explosion in the mall in which several people died and stopped the disaster from occurring, saving countless ill-fated shoppers.

Wiki News

January 11, 2022
Jon Watts will be served as producer.
October 25, 2021
Lori Evans Taylor was announced to write the film.
October 5, 2020
Creator Jeffrey Reddick confirms that the sixth film had been in the works during the COVID-19 pandemic.
March 16, 2020
Final Destination 6 announced instead for a reboot.
July 13, 2013
Final Destination 3 and Glee star Cory Monteith passed away
January 7, 2013
FD2 and TFD's director David R. Ellis passed away.
December 25, 2011
Final Destination 5 is released on DVD!
August 12, 2011
Final Destination 5 comes out in theaters!

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