Final Destination: Wipeout
Author Alex Johnson
Publication date Unreleased
Published by Black Flame
ISBN 1844164098
Publication Order
Preceded by
Final Destination: Death of the Senses
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Final Destination: Wipeout is an unreleased novel by Alex Johnson. It was ultimately cancelled shortly before its scheduled release date. Had it been released, it would have been the seventh original Final Destination novel in its series.

Official Summary

This novel takes place in Hawaii, following two eager gothic surfers named Ravyn Blackthorne and Kim Rachelle. While at a beach party, Ravyn has an ominous premonition that a private plane will crash into the beach, killing several people. She manages to save herself, Kim, and a few others such as fisherman named Karl Windsor, a man on vacation named Brett O'Connel, a young women named Drew Perkin, a teenage boy named Bobby Fraider, the boy's girlfriend named Mandy Robertson, and an Average Joe named Corey Micheals from the accident, but soon enough, a soldier by the name of Corbin Wainright hears about Ravyn's premonition. Having cheated death once himself after escaping an ambush in Afghanistan that killed his entire squad, Corbin knows the price that must be paid, and starts working down his hit list.

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