Final Destination: Sacrifice
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Schedule: Monthly
Format: One-Shot
Publication Date: 2006
Number of Issues: 1
Creative Team
Writer(s): Ralph Tedesco
Joe Brusha
Artist(s): John Toledo
Cover Artist(s): David Seidman
Colorist(s): Stefani Renee
Publication Order
Preceded By:
Followed By:
Final Destination: Spring Break

Final Destination: Sacrifice is a one-shot mini-comic released by Zenescope Entertainment in 2006, coming packaged with select DVDs of Final Destination 3 sold at Circuit City. The comic later had a wider release, as a bonus feature in the trade paperback version of Final Destination: Spring Break.


In a near-empty house, the unnamed Narrator is reading over a note, while reminiscing about how he has seen himself die hundreds of times in horrific visions that continually torment him. Through flashbacks, it is revealed the protagonist had his first vision at a bus terminal, where he foresaw the driver having a heart attack, causing a massive pile-up when the bus went out of control, causing motorists to either crash or fall off the bridge, into the freezing water below. When the narrator attempted to warn his best friend Jim and the other passengers, he was ignored, which led to death of Jim and fifty-six others.

Believing he was lucky, the protagonist tries to go on with his life, but has another vision, this one depicting an explosion in the factory where he worked, one that would kill him and dozens of others. This time, the narrator's warning reaches a few, who stay home and survive, only to die in freak accidents later on. One worker was impaled on a picket fence, another was electrocuted while bathing, a third was shredded by his own lawnmower and the fourth was hit by a train while fleeing from the protagonist, who had become a pariah due to his perceived involvement in all the deaths.

Going on to live in isolation for six months, the narrator eventually arranges to reunite with his wife, Emma, their son Billy and their two daughters at a rest stop off the Gas 1-80. The protagonist reveals that, the night before the reunion was to take place, he had another vision, which showed him and his entire family dying in a fiery explosion at the gas station - a patron named Chuck Peters, distracted by a girl named Bonnie Walker, had let his gas tank overflow while filling it up. When Bonnie drove off, Chuck, nearly hit by her car, dropped his cigar, igniting the gasoline and setting off the explosion.

Already guilt-ridden by the deaths on the bridge and in the factory, the protagonist, driven to utter despair by the thought that his continued existence could kill his family, called Emma and told her he was feeling ill and could meet her next week. The last page reveals the paper the narrator was reading over was a suicide note he had written, and the comic ends with him getting ready to hang himself, having reached the conclusion that his suicide would be the only way to stop the machinations of Death.

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