Final Destination: Dead Man's Hand
Author Steven A. Roman
Publication date September 13, 2005
Published by Black Flame
ISBN 1844161773
Publication Order
Preceded by
Final Destination: End of the Line
Followed by
Final Destination: Looks Could Kill

Final Destination: Dead Man's Hand is a 2005 novel written by Steven A. Roman, and the fourth Black Flame book.

Official Summary

More chilling suspense inspired by the smash hit movie series

When Annie Goodwin travels to the desert oasis of Las Vegas, she hopes to turn her luck around. Life's dealt her a bad hand and her current luck seems to be no different. But when Annie has a premonition of a terrible accident, she takes steps to stop it from happening. Annie and four other people survive the ordeal and cheat Death. In a town where the odds are always in the house's favor, can Annie hope to beat the Reaper in this game when she's drawn the Dead Man's Hand?

In the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, the Grim Reaper plays host... and his routine will slay them all!

Main Characters

  • Almarie Faith Goodwin-Gaines: A diner worker and fast-paced, impulsive party girl, she had convinced Tom to go on vacation in Las Vegas, where the two got drunk and had a quickie wedding. The one who foresaw the collapse of the Merlin's Tower elevator, she is the fifth and last survivor to die, contracting HIV after being covered in the blood of Officer Sean Murphy when he was bisected.
  • Thomas Gaines: A carpenter and Allie's husband, the two having impulsively married while on vacation, he can best be described as her better half, being the responsible one. The fourth survivor to die, he is hit by a speeding truck while changing a blown out tire.
  • Arlen Ploog: A low-life everyman, gambling addict and self-professed loser employed by The Big Apple Laundromat. The third survivor to die, he has his penis inadvertently bitten off by the prostitute who was giving him head.
  • Detective Warren Ackerman: A burnt out veteran of the Las Vegas PD with a strong sense of justice, he becomes obsessed with bringing a child killer to justice, planning on retiring after the solving the case. The second survivor to die, he is electrocuted by cables damaged during a gun fight with a criminal.
  • Shawna Engels: An exotic dancer employed by the Merlin's Tower show Magipalooza! and Warren's girlfriend. The first survivor to die, she is knocked into a slot machine, the coin dispenser of which impales her through the mouth, by an out of control car.
  • Detective Isabelle Montoya: A member of the Las Vegas PD who had recently transferred from vice to homicide, she is Warren's partner. Presumably contracts and dies of HIV along with Allie, as she too was completely covered in Officer Murphy's blood.
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