Delbert Davis is a mentioned character in the novel Final Destination: Looks Could Kill. He is the father and grandfather of Brut. Born in Oklahoma, Delbert was married to Katie Davis and live with their three sons and four daughters. Once Delbert's oldest daughter, Becky, turned twelve, he began an incestuous relationship with her, and once Becky became pregnant at age fifteen, Brut was born. After his birth she fled from her hometown and became engaged with a man named Beau Taylor. Not thinking, Becky wrote a letter to her mother, and she was so happy that she decided to throw a family reunion to celebrate, telling Becky that Delbert had changed his ways. For reasons still unknown, Delbert was so furious with Becky coming back with her fiancé, that he slaughtered his entire family, including his wife, Becky, her fiancé, and several others. Later that day, he shot and killed Estelle Nicholls, two men inside a convenience store, a postmaster, and a customer merely delivering his mail.


After hearing about the killings, the police was alerted and they held Delbert at gunpoint after he left the post office. Still on rampage, Delbert aimed his gun at the officers, and was subsequently gunned down.


Delbert Davis is based loosely on Ronald Gene Simmons, who murdered his entire family under similar circumstances.

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