Death by Caffeine
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Final Destination 5
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Death by Caffeine
Death by Caffeine is the coffee shop in The Final Destination where Nick and his friends usually hang out with each other. Hunt, Nick, Lori, and Janet meet here after the speedway crash. Later in the film, Janet and Lori meet here right before going to the mall. For the last scene Nick, Lori, and Janet get a drink for the last time.

Last survivors

After Nick saves Lori and Janet from the mall explosion, Nick meets up with Lori and Janet, where they celebrate each other for cheating death. Nick begins seeing omens. When Nick tell Lori and Janet about that this isn't over, an outside construction scaffold falls, and causes an 18-wheeler truck to swerve through the cafe, running over him and his friends leaving no survivors of the McKinley Speedway incident.

Nick tells Lori and Janet. "What if, us being here, right now was the plan from the beginning?"


  • The shop is called DEATH by Caffeine.
  • When the coffee maker was blowing out steam it sounded like someone screaming as if they were dying.
  • Nick sees a scratched out sign on the table saying IT'S COMING. Under it is another sign saying IT'S HERE.
  • Nick sees a woman reading about the movie that was being showed at the mall where Nick rescued Lori and Janet, LOVE LAYS DYING.
  • Nick notices the TV is turned onto a speedway racing match.
  • Nick sees a photo of the pool where Hunt died.
  • In the refrigerator on Death By Caffeine, there is a sticker of Hice Pale Ale, it is the brand of beer in Final Destination 2 & 3.
  • The bus outside was labeled 180 on the top.
  • In the beginning of the movie at the racetrack, Nick, Lori,and Janet are sitting in a way that later eventually kills them. Janet is sitting before Lori, Lori sits after Janet and before Nick. At the end of the movie where Nick, Lori, and Janet meet in Death by Caffeine, Janet dies first, Lori second, then Nick dies last, probably showing how Death wanted them to be killed in order.
  • There is a very slim possibility that the truck crash could have been another one of Nick's premonitions.


  • When the truck is about to crash you can see Lori is next to the window and Janet is in the center, but when it crashes Lori and Janet have changed seats.
  • There is an error in the order specified in the death list, Janet was supposed to be the last survivor to die after Lori and Nick when she was saved in the car wash by Lori.

Known Casualties

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