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Dean Gondol
[[Image:{{{Image}}}|Dean Gondol|250px]]
Portrayed By
First Seen
Final Destination: Death’s Books
Last Seen
Final Destination: Death’s Books
Full Name
Dean Gondol
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Dark brown
169 cm
70 kg
Cause of Death
Bisected by a rollercoaster track
High School Student
Lee Jack;Best Friend turned rival,deceased

Hailey Cap;Friend turned rival,deceased Pam Richiter;Girlfriend,deceased Josh McAndrews;Friend,deceased Marcus Rite;Friend,deceased

Danny Ricecakes;Rival,deceased
Dean Gondol is a main character and tritagonist turned secondary antagonist in Final Destination: Death’s Books and is a survivor of Ragnolk Ship explosion.

Dean was the fifth survivor to die of Ragnolk.

Biography Edit

Dean lived in Brooklyn,New York and attended in Brooklyn High School.He always argued with Danny and he was best friend of Lee Jack.Dean was boyfriend of Pam.Dean equalified to a trip in Ragnolk Ship.

Final Destination:Death‘s Books Edit

Dean was first seen when Lee and Hailey were walking at the Ship.Dean and Pam told them there was a surprise.Later they sit on a sofa and talked with Josh and Marcus. Moments later Danny came and a fight begin to start. After Lee saw a premonition that the Ship will explode and everyone will die,Dean kicked off the plane for fighting.In the boat,Dean said Larry and Bob will die because this premonitions are real.Others said they know but survivor deaths are consequences.Suddenly Ragnolk exploded just as Lee predicted.Everyone died in the Ship.

Later Dean came to Larry and Bob’s funeral with Pam.He said ‘’Lee was true.’’to Marcus.Next day,him and Pam were driving to a coffee shop for meeting with other survivors.Abruptly traffic stops and Dean asks a man what was going on.Man answered rudely and a fight begins.Dean pushed the Man to road,a car unfortunately hit and obliterated him.When they came to coffee shop, Pam died when a car motor impaled her.After her death, Dean begins slowly paranoid.Later Dean and other survivors went to Lee’s house with Sarah’s car.Lee told them Death is still action,Pam and Danny died because of this.Next day Dean along with Lee,Marcus and Josh went to Bludworth Funeral Homes where they learned if you kill someone who doesn’t meant to die in the Ship,you take his/hers life.Dean realized he took the drivers life with causing his death.Moments later Marcus saved by Lee from crushed by a tree,and Josh died when a tow truck hook bisected him.Next night,Lee and Hailey came to an amusement park where Dean was.Lee told Greene was chasing them and next one was himself. Dean accepted his help wanting,but he told it was a lie short after.

He showed Lee and Hailey a gun to kill them.Hailey asked what was going on,Dean said Death will thank to him when he will kill survivors who were saved.Lee said he is not saved yet, then Dean told he will help to Lee in his turn,then kill both of them.

Death Edit

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