Cynthia Daniels
Cynthia at the race track about to be bisected
Portrayed By
Last Seen
The Final Destination (on screen)
Final Destination 5 (Closing credtis)
Full Name
Cynthia Daniels
Also Known As
Indiana, USA
Hair Colour
Dark blonde
Eye Colour
170 cm
62 kg
Cause of Death
Bisected by a car hood
Carter Daniels-Husband; Deceased

You killed my wife....I wanted to go in there after her but you....

Carter, blaming George about his wife's death.

Cynthia Daniels was one of the casualties at the McKinley Speedway in The Final Destination.


Cynthia is the Irish accent, we was born in Indiana, but was resided in McKinley, Pennsylvania. She was married to a racist named Carter Daniels. She and her husband attend the McKinley Speedway to watch a race.

The Final Destination

In a horrible vision seen by Nick O'Bannon, Cynthia and her husband are cut in half by a flying, flaming car hood after a race car explodes and sends a large sheet of metal in their direction.


When Nick freaks out after the dream, he spills Carter's beverage all over his clothes and Carter runs out the stadium to go tell him off, shouting at Cynthia to stay put. Suddenly, the crash happens just like Nick predicted. Carter tried to run back inside to save Cynthia, but he was stopped by a security guard.

It can be assumed that Cynthia was severed in half just like in Nick's vision.


  • Nick picks up a sheet paying respect to the NASCAR racers who have died in the past.
  • Nick sees a man wearing a shirt that states Life's a bitch & Then You Die. Any Questions?
  • Nick feels a strong gust of wind
    Carter and cynthia

    Cynthia with her husband Carter at the McKinley Speedway.

    brush past him.
  • The section of the stadium Nick and his friends are in is section 180.
  • Cynthia is wearing a necklece that says 'Lovely', which is part of the title of the movie Lori & Janet go to see.



  • It's not stated whether Cynthia is racist like her husband Carter, but she doesn't seem to do anything to stop Carter acting the way he does. In the original script, she seems to encourage Carter when he whistles "Dixeland" in reference to George.
  • Cynthia's zodiac sign is Leo.
  • In the original script, she is described as: CYNTHIA DANIELS, 38, his death can be seen on the security cameras, she apparently dies the same way.
  • Depending on how you look at it, Carter kind of "caused Cynthia's death" by ordering her to stay behind, which is ironic as he blames George.
  • Some fans are puzzled why she died in a brutal way since she didn't cheat death
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