Club Kitty is a nightclub from the novel Final Destination: Dead Reckoning and the site of the novel's initiating disaster. Located in the basement of an old warehouse in Los Angeles the club is run by an unnamed Hispanic man, and is in state of severe disrepair.

How the collapse happened

Tipped off that a drug deal was going to happen in the club, off-duty police officer Marina Hewlett, seeing no other option, breaks in by shooting the lock off a backdoor. The bullet goes through the door and into the floor of the old warehouse above the club, damaging some wires, which ignite the insulation. As the fire spreads, the integrity of the building is compromised, more so than it should be due to a wall (which helped support the upper floor) originally located in the basement having been removed some time ago. As large cracks begin forming throughout the walls and ceiling of the building, girders and chunks of debris begin raining down on patrons and employees below. Unable to get out in time, everyone in the club perishes when the entire building comes crashing down.

Death Toll: 31 confirmed, with many more implicated.


  • On her way to the club Jessica Golden spots a homeless man nearby, doing his own spastic dance. Jess and the other survivors of the collapse would have several more encounters with this vagrant, who is implicated as having foreseen the club collapse along with Jess.
  • While waiting in line to get into the club Jess notices the "Enter Here" sign above the entrance has been defaced, with "Abandon fate, all ye who" having been scrawled on top of the sign.
  • Inside the club Jess is approached by Ben, who comments on how lame the club is. Jess agrees, responding by saying that taking TNT to the place and completely demolishing it would be an improvement.


Known Casualties