Chelsea Cox is a character in the novel Final Destination: Death of the Senses. A popular (due to her appearance) yet obnoxious reporter Chelsea works for WNYK News in New York City. While away covering a fire that had broken out in a nightclub, Chelsea arrives back at the new station the next day and learns that a man ("John Doe") was killed just beside her apartment building while she was gone. At first annoyed by this missed opportunity for a story, Chelsea gets over it quickly and heads off to cover a suicidal man named Lonnie, who is threatening to jump off a building.

Reaching the building Lonnie is on top of, Chelsea starts reporting on the steps of an adjacent building, interviewing Jack Curtis, who claims to know Lonnie. When Jack goes up to try and talk Lonnie down, Chelsea continues reporting, interviewing Jack's friend Officer Amy Tom. Though Jack is successful in convincing Lonnie not to jump, he still falls off the building.


As Lonnie plummets downward his coat becomes snagged on a phone line, slowing his descent and causing the fall to merely injure him. When the phone line snaps back into place it causes a large, two-pronged icicle that had been formed by a broken pipe to come loose and fall. Hearing the icicle dislodge Chelsea looks up, allowing the icicle to go through her eyes and out the back of her head.


  • The "John Doe" killer believed Chelsea was the corrupt "eyes" of the city. Her death involved her eyes and occurred during a live TV broadcast, for everyone to see.
  • Before encountering the "John Doe" killer, Jack sees Chelsea on a TV in an electronics store.
  • The building Lonnie was going to jump off was thirteen stories high.
  • While setting up for the shoot Chelsea's cameraman, Brad, notices that water (from the leaking pipe) has begun to drip down from above, despite it being dry seconds earlier.
  • Before being interviewed, Jack notices a shadowy figure appear in the window of a nearby building.
  • A gust of wind from out of nowhere is what causes Lonnie to fall.